Intov8 launches real-time, 24/7 resources monitoring

Keeping track of resources is key for any successful mining operation.

Intov8, an Australian-owned company specialising in innovative tech solutions for the mining industry, has developed new software to track resources in the field in real-time.

Using onboard navigation (GPS), Corvus Live Monitor from Intov8 is a mobile application that allows data to be viewed and managed from the field with ease.

With Corvus Live Monitor you can view the status of your resources and identify their exact location. It is ideal for resource live status tracking and providing regular updates.

This mobile app integrates with other Corvus products and source systems, allowing data to be easily viewed and managed from the field.

The app gives latest GPS location and visibility of key resource details including:

  • Operator
  • Location details
  • Actual production values

Corvus Live Monitor can be integrated with Intov8’s Corvus Wall app, allowing you to plan and action data across multiple time spans – daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

With this integrated mobile app, comparing actual and planned productivity to identify operational opportunities is streamlined.

The app features live chat functionality to provide you with updates from team members in the pit – all visible on the dashboard in the control room.

Intov8 provides software solutions to some of the world’s largest mining companies.

Its software has been developed by miners for miners. Intov8’s team has proven experience in mine systems development, business improvement, system integration and mine production analysis.

The Corvus suite of products can minimise downtime, reduce paperwork and avoid costly errors.

Most importantly, it can increase productivity and improve mine safety.

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