Integrating innovation from pit to tailings

Cavex hydrocyclones clusters can be trialled in situ to improve performance.

Weir Minerals’ Integrated Solutions team enables mining operations to advance their potential through forward-thinking problem solving that can be adopted across multiple industries.

Sustainability has been a key talking point for the mining industry in recent years. 

This has driven demand for more efficient operations that not only cut carbon emissions, but also save time and money while boosting productivity. 

Weir Minerals recognises this demand and offers tailored solutions for mining operations that make them more sustainable and efficient in the long term. The company’s integrated solutions team focuses on providing customers with an outcome that is optimised using multiple Weir Minerals products and services. 

This approach encourages innovation and collaboration alongside the customer by developing a deep understanding of their requirements. 

Weir Minerals’ integrated solutions are backed by a team of in-house experts that collaborate and identify the most effective way to address an industry challenge. 

The minerals processing equipment supplier achieves this through process audits during site visits, with the team then using flowsheets, mass balances and 3D layouts to deliver the solution. 

Weir Minerals general manager sales, Julie Truss, says the integrated solutions team ensures the customer’s operation is optimised through the company’s approach. 

“The mining industry is facing some quite specific trends which require innovation and constant improvement to allow them to deliver natural resources to the world markets in a sustainable and efficient way,” Truss tells Australian Mining.

“The word efficiency means more than just power usage; some of those sustainability themes are starting to become apparent in customer decision making.”

Truss, who has almost two decades of experience at Weir, has delivered multiple optimisation projects utilising the company’s integrated solutions approach. 

An example of this approach has resulted in Weir optimising a gold-silver mine in New South Wales, where the company changed the site’s equipment and circuit configuration, resulting in a 5-10 per cent increase in throughput. 

The mining company has since commenced working with Weir on the next iteration of the circuit. 

Truss says industry trends of using lower-grade ore stockpiles and sustainability need to be addressed through customer and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) collaboration.

“Weir’s integrated solutions aim to improve the process efficiency for our customers,” Truss says. “We want to ensure that throughout the whole circuit, the ore is classified correctly and transported optimally while the equipment uses the least amount of power possible.”

Weir’s focus on the correct application of its OEM equipment as part of the integrated solutions has allowed operations to become more sustainable. 

By manufacturing, supplying and installing its solutions, Weir has complete control over its products and solutions, allowing for a truly optimised solution for mining customers. 

Some of Weir’s most well-known products include the Enduron HPGR (high pressure grinding rolls), Warman pumps, Cavex 2 hydrocyclones, TerraFlowing tailings dewatering solutions and GEHO tailings pumps, which all provide significant sustainability benefits. 

Truss says Weir’s grinding circuit featuring Enduron HPGR results in an increase of efficiency up to 40 per cent.

Weir’s TerraFlowing solution also enables less water to waste and lower power usage for tailings disposal, while reducing the amount of tailings overall.

The Cavex 2 hydrocyclones are the next generation in Weir’s range that once again operate at high efficiency, ensuring better separation and ore throughput per cyclone.  

“Typically, our customers expect an overall cost saving and a process improvement all wrapped together for our solutions,” Truss says. “We work hard with our customers to understand what that problem is.”

Truss says that Weir’s support after providing a solution is what separates it from competing businesses. This approach enables constant improvement of its solutions. 

“Because we’re an OEM, we can redesign equipment the way we need to – we don’t have to pick things off the shelf,” Truss says. 

“We have done laboratory and pilot testing, and found certain equipment isn’t right so we have the potential to redesign, which means we can then bespoke manufacture and supply it ourselves to suit the customer’s specific needs.”  

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