INOX MX8 provides slick solutions for the mining industry

A high-performance lubrication product in the mining industry will champion endurance and longevity. The INOX MX8 grease product from BSC’s premium partner Candan Industries does just that.

INOX MX8 is unique in that it can handle high pressure and variable temperatures. The extreme pressure and anti-wear properties can significantly increase the service life of mining equipment.

The grease can be applied to all bearings, chain drives, PTO (power take-off) shaft splines and couplings, ball joints, universal joint, control cables, tie rod ends, turntables, pins, bushes and hinges used above and below ground. 

As if that offering is not significant enough, INOX MX8 can also be applied to all electric motors, solenoid shafts, pumps, draglines, dump trucks, grading and sorting machinery, conveyors and all other mining machinery components and equipment. MX8 is also available in aerosol form, which allows for more precise application. 


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