Industry Q&A: Senior Geologist

As part of our new Q&A series we interview you, and find out what your job is day to day. In this edition we speak to Nicky Pollington, a senior geologist at pitt&sherry.

Australian Mining: What are your primary roles and responsibilities in your job? Give us a day in your working

Nicky Pollington: I am a geologist with experience over a broad range of commodities and my days can be quite varied from detailed geological and geotechnical studies through to environmental studies and documentation

AM: What training/education did you need for your job?

NP: Bachelor Degree in Science with Honours (BSc. Hons), Majoring in Geology, University of Tasmania, CODES.

AM: How did you get to where you are today? Give us a bullet point career path.

NP: Fiji – field exploration and studies
Tanami – mine geologist
Cadjebut – exploration geologist
Cyprus – geotechnical studies and dam repairs
Uganda – geology, processing and quarrying
Zambia – detailed geological studies
Hot Dry Rocks – based in Tasmania, Senior Consultant – geothermal energy
pitt&sherry – Senior Geologist

AM: What tools and/or sofware do you use on a daily basis? 

NP: Arc, MapInfo/Discover, voxler, other 3D modelling software

AM: What is the one thing that you are most proud of in your professional life? 

NP: Living and working in Uganda was both challenging workwise and personally. But I enjoyed it and am proud of the what we all managed to acheive in sometimes very trying conditions.

AM: Biggest daily challenge? 

NP: Finding enough time in my day.

AM: Biggest career challenge?

NP: Coming back to work after the birth of my twins.

AM: What is your biggest frustration in your job?

NP: I would often like to spend more time on things, but given the nature of the business it is generally not possible.

AM: What is the biggest challenge facing your business?

NP: Getting the time whilst working on completing tasks to keep up with what is going on in the industry.

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