How workwear brands are addressing heat stress in 2020


What is heat stress?
Heat stress occurs when your body cannot cool itself quickly enough to maintain a healthy temperature. If left untreated, can lead to heatstroke which occurs once the body’s core temperature reaches 40.5°C. Heatstroke can lead to organ failure and even death.

How can we reduce the risk of heat stress?
Employers and workers can do several things to keep themselves safe during hot conditions, including taking regular breaks, increasing water intake, reviewing work targets/schedules to adjust to the conditions. Choosing the right workwear and footwear is also extremely important and can reduce their susceptibility to heat stress.

What’s new in workwear and footwear?
KingGee have a number of exciting innovations, beginning with WorkCool Pro BioMotion; a lightweight Ripstop stretch range, which features multiple ventilation points on the pants and shirts. A notable advancement to keeping the heat out is the segmented heat-sealed retro-reflective tape because the tape is broken into segments it allows greater airflow to the wearer. A wearer would notice a significant difference if they were transitioning from traditional workwear styles.

For industries that don’t require an all-cotton uniform, the new Hyperfreeze polo shirts from KingGee offers the coolest solution. Utilising a treatment with Xylitol (normally found in mint lollies) it transforms your polo shirt from holding sweat, to actively using your sweat to lower the temperature of the fabric in order to keep you cool, truly revolutionary and a great advancement in Polo shirts. Available in men’s and women’s styles, in multiple colours including high-visibility colours with
segmented retro-reflective tape.

Hard Yakka is also driving innovation with its ShieldTec range, it provides protection against flash fire and arc flash while being lighter in weight and cooler than its competitors, the feedback has been positive from our customers noting it’s more comfortable to wear than previous ranges. Workhorse workwear offers great basics when it comes to addressing heat stress, a lighter weight drill range at an affordable price means this summer everyone should be in the right workwear.

Lastly and not to be forgotten is footwear, if your team is working in the heat then review your footwear options. KingGee have launched a new work boot called Quantum which uses KULKOTE temperature regulating technology to keep your feet cool and expel heat, essentially it is like air conditioning for your feet.

This article first appeared in the latest edition of Safety Spotlight. Check out the magazine here.

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