Hiring equipment without breaking the bank

Dynamic Rigging also offers remote controlled winches for hire.

Dynamic Rigging Hire’s hoisting and rigging equipment hire services allow for short-term rentals of proven equipment for mine maintenance applications. 

Optimising investments and costs as a mine contractor are vital ingredients for providing services to a highly demanding industry. 

Most mining contractors have large fleets of vehicles that are prepared to tackle the tasks at hand on a mine site, but some equipment is used for a much shorter term than others. 

Hoisting and rigging equipment, in particular, are a key aspect to any routine plant maintenance, repairs or construction expansions of a mine.

However, this equipment comes at a high cost and is only used for a short term. 

To mitigate the cost, Dynamic Rigging offers a full range of hoisting and rigging equipment for the mining industry. 

Based in Melbourne, the company offers its services Australia wide, having dealt with contractors for major mining operations across the country. 

Dynamic Rigging believes equipment hire provides significant advantages over outright purchases.

Unlike a traditional purchase, Dynamic Rigging’s equipment hire services mean that it manages inspection and certification of hoisting and rigging assets, while preventing the need for record keeping or storing equipment in warehouses on site.

The company tests and inspects all of its equipment both before and after hire from its warehouses, including load proof testing, to ensure it meets the necessary Australian standards.

For Dynamic Rigging manager Ross Johnson, mining industry customers will benefit from the short-term hire options, which are often all that is required for hoisting and rigging equipment.

“Our selection of rental hoisting and rigging equipment are reasonably unique and at times high value items that would be utilised for short-term use,” Johnson says.

“Instead of having to make a purchase or source the equipment, customers can source it at a rental basis.”

Dynamic Rigging’s equipment for hire includes Ingersoll Rand and JDN pneumatic chain hoists, Crosby Straightpoint load cells and remote controlled 4.5-tonne winches. 

Air-powered pneumatic hoists are ideal for underground mining applications compared with electric hoists due to their safety benefits and continual use, Ross continues.

“Pneumatic chain hoists do not have a duty cycle, whereas electric hoists have a duty cycle which limits the amount of use in a set period,” Ross says. 

“In mining operations, our equipment is typically used in general routine plant maintenance where large plant needs to be dismantled or opened up for repairs, plant breakdowns and general construction expansions of sites.”

The most common uses for the winches are for pulling applications, including conveyor belt and conveyor pulling for planned maintenance or breakdowns, while its load cells provide live readings of loadings via a digital scale.

The equipment is delivered to customers via freight, which can be delivered within a one-day period, allowing for fast and efficient hire across the country. 

Dynamic Rigging’s equipment for hire has been tried and tested across major underground and open cut mine sites specialising in commodities such as copper, gold and coal.

“We can dispatch equipment Australia wide,” Ross says. “Most of our equipment is configured in a way that’s ready to go. It is delivered in stillages and crates that make it easier to transport. 

“We can mobilise interstate freight within a day, while we’ve also taken advantage of hotshot services and delivered using our own fleet across Victoria and South Australia.”

Dynamic Rigging is unique for having one of the longest lengths of chaining configurable to its hoists, providing a significant advantage to certain mine sites, with its smaller hoists dropping to 100 metres, Ross adds. 

The company has earned a reputable name across multiple industries, having previously delivered a pneumatic chain hoist to a Whyalla steelworks operation, 1400 kilometres from the company’s Melbourne warehouse. 

“Our lifting equipment is all subject to Australian standards and testing regimes, where we maintain all the equipment to the relevant manufacturer and Australian standards,” Ross says.

“We also operate a comprehensive workshop to service the hoists in-house, so customers can expect a reliable and trusted product.”  

This story also appears in the May issue of Australian Mining.

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