Hilliard brakes through Australian market

Hilliard A400-T400 SA caliper brakes integrated with a brake disc rotor on a conveyor drive.

The American company has brought over 50 years of equipment innovation to the Australian mining industry. Australian Mining reports.

Hilliard Corporation is well known in the United States and South American mining industries, but has also emerged as a prominent Tier 2 supplier for plant and equipment installations in Australia.

The New York-based company’s products are distributed in Australia through a long-standing regional partnership with Perth-based company Trinkor.

They include motion control and filtration technology from Hilliard’s Hilco (filtration products), BrakeBoss and Hilliard Brake Systems divisions.

Its braking technologies have proven particularly popular in the mining industry for heavy-duty minerals processing equipment, such as ball and SAG mills, mine hoists, conveyors and draglines.

The company will put its solutions on show at this month’s Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) on stand F125, including the M400, M500 and M900 brake calipers and a Hilco filtration unit complete with replacement cartridges.

Hilliard has sold its products to many Tier 1 original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the mining industry, including Metso Minerals, FLSmidth, Komatsu (Continental Conveyor) and Thyssenkrupp, which used the products in devices destined for Australian mines.

The company’s products are found at leading operations like Evolution Mining’s Cowal gold mine in New South Wales, where the braking systems are installed in FLSmidth ball and semi-autogenous grinding (SAG) mills.

Metso equipment at Newcrest Mining’s Telfer gold mine in the Pilbara, Western Australia, also uses Hilliard’s solutions.

“Our product has always been there, but we have never sold directly to Australia. Now, with our Australian distributor Trinkor, we plan to sell both our larger and smaller systems directly to the mines,” Hilliard’s vice president Juan Parra tells Australian Mining.

Parra believes Hilliard’s four BrakeBoss power unit models (H1, H2, H3 and H4) are particularly useful at mining operations. H1, H2 and H3 are well suited for different types of mining conveyor applications, while H4 is designed for high-pressure ball and SAG mill brakes systems.

“Brake systems are very important for the mining industry, especially on conveyors, ball mills, SAG mills, draglines, shovels and any other materials handling equipment,” Parra says.

Hilliard will explain how the different features of the BrakeBoss units can be implemented effectively in a presentation at AIMEX.

For example, the H3 model includes advanced brake pressure control options that lead to significant safety benefits for conveyor operators, Parra continues.

“If you take a rubber band in your hand and stretch it, that is normally how a conveyor will stop,” Parra says.

“Since the conveyor is an elastic system, when it starts up again the belt will try to return to its original length and that tension can cause loads to fly from the conveyor, which in some cases has led to fatal accidents.

“With our system, the belt will stop without tensioning, so on restart the belt won’t allow that situation to happen.”

While Hilliard’s brake technology will headline its exhibit at AIMEX, given the popularity in the mining sector, the company will also display its portable fluid transfer and filtration systems.

Both systems have established a niche for their application to gear and lubricating fluids in mining haul truck systems.

“We felt it would be good to bring those Hilco products as well,” Hilliard East Asia/Pacific sales manager William Cantando adds.

“The Australian market from a filtration standpoint has been excellent. We’ve seen quite a few developments on the power generation side, but as we’ve moved forward with the mining industry, we have seen great opportunities to provide preventative maintenance solutions there too.

“Mines take a proactive approach to filtration with regards to preventing future failures, so we’ve seen a lot of traction with our portable filter systems for lubricating oils and gearbox oils.”

This article also appears in the August edition of Australian Mining.

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