Head of the family

With so many different tasks coming under the broad header of drilling, having multipurpose heads is essential.

Whether down hole hammer drilling or auger drilling, the person at the rig needs to know that their equipment can undertake the task.

Servicing these needs for geotechnical equipment that can take on a wide range of functions, Boart Longyear has released its new family of XRH rotary heads.

The XRH range consists of 12 base models with various motor configurations, with the heads designed for rotary drilling applications from jet grouting through to reverse circulation.

Featuring a unique valve control technology, the XRH heads are able to run two or three motors and seamlessly switch from series to parallel operation, which helps to eliminate low torque start ups after making and breaking joints and the manual shifting of gears.

Ron Hankins, a product manager at Boart, said that the rotary heads are some of the strongest in the market.

The powerful XRH rotary heads are capable of delivering 27000Nm of torque or a maximum rotation speed of 188 rpm.

It covers a wide range of drilling applications, with the heads engineered to safely handle up to 20 000 kilograms of pullback force, providing high performance levels in auger, down hole hammer, reverse circulation, jet grouting, overburden and rotary drilling operations.

The heads themselves feature hollow spindles with an inner diameter of 120 millimetres, making it the longest in its class, and making it excellent for passing large jet grouting rods, reverse circulation or double-head drilling where a drifter passes a large inner string through the XRH rotary head.

Hankins went on to say that the heads have an extremely flexible design, and that Boart have “designed these heads to be easily integrated into a wide range of existing Boart Longyear and competitive rigs, which makes this new technology really accessible to virtually any contractor.”

The XRH heads are designed using components like Eaton Geroler motors, which provide higher efficiency and power than standard axial and piston type motors.

The rotary heads also utilise high strength axial bearings that are designed to handle the increased stress that comes with drilling at a higher power at faster rates.

Within the head, an auto oiler supplies constant lubrication to bearings independent of rotary head rotation which aids in extending maintenance intervals and eliminates the issue of daily maintenance and having to take a machine out of production.

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