Hammersley’s Rim Gold: A gold standard in rim protection fluids

Hammersley has been manufacturing rim protection fluids for nearly 30 years.

Hammersley Australia’s gold standard rim protection fluids continue to provide the highest level of care in the preservation of industrial tyre rims. Continuing developments now herald the emergence of even greater efficiencies.

For nearly half a century, Hammersley Australia has forged an enviable Australian and international reputation for high performance and innovative industrial maintenance products.

The highly regarded Hunter Valley-based specialty chemical manufacturer has developed a new rim protection fluid that will provide a truly new generational concept to the important function of industrial rim protection. 

Hammersley is already the preferred supplier of choice to many national and multi-national mining organisations and, through its continuing robust research, continues to expand its influence.

The company is renowned for its technical expertise and capabilities in many diverse sectors of the chemical industry. 

These sectors extend to corrosion protection, dust suppression, cleaning maintenance, mobile plant protection, mechanical maintenance and many more areas.

Hammersley now provides products and technical support services throughout all Australian states and territories, and into South East Asia. 

The main thrust of Hammersley’s research has always been in specialty industrial areas and it is energetic in its support services for all of the products it manufactures, according to Brian McLean, technical services director at the Hammersley group of companies.

McLean is a research chemist who has led the research and development of the company’s innovations since its inception in 1972.

“We are survivors and are now one of the few, 100 per cent Australian manufacturers with the research and development skills that are capable of creating products to match any specific requirement,” he says.

“We’ve always been known for the quality of our products and for the integrity of our business dealings. 

“Now we are concentrating on the mining and heavy industry, because historically, it’s what we’ve studied and worked with all our lives. 

“Our objective has always been to supply safe, quality products, properly suited to the task they are to perform and to provide easily accessible technical support to ensure efficient and safe usage. 

“All products are supported with technical data sheets and globally harmonised system (GHS)-formatted safety data sheets (SDSs).”

In the field of rim protection, Hammersley’s technology is well founded. 

“We have been mainstream suppliers of rim protection fluids for nearly 30 years and, through our experience in large scale industrial corrosion protection, we were among the very first to bring forward carboxylate technology to the field of rim protection,” McLean says.

“Carboxylate-based fluids are still the most widely used and accepted mechanism for the protection of industrial rims and apart from some fine tuning, they really haven’t changed much over all those years.” 

The general protectant products are normally just a single carboxylate ingredient and are supplied on a ready-to-use basis with more than 90 per cent water.

These solutions have served the industry reasonably well through the years, although at the margins of efficiency, their protection can still break down. 

As a consequence, some major tyre and rim manufacturers choose to import their supplies to ensure consistent quality.

“Hammersley’s use of a blend of organic salts formed a stronger crystal modifying effect, and while we always held our product superior to its competition, we knew that somehow it could be done in a better way,” McLean says.

Hammersley’s new development moves right away from the simplicity of carboxylates and provides added advantages not previously available.

Rim Gold is the result of three years of practical development, a process that has been supported by federal government research and development concessions for the new innovations involved.

It is a new product containing a chemical composition that is completely different, including mixed organic salts and organic heterocyclic compounds.

This sophisticated complex – a multi-functional formulation – provides a stronger, more tenacious, longer lasting and more protective shield for all metals without compromising safety or environmental responsibility.

McLean says the technology is the first major change in the direction of rim protection in over 20 years. 

“Rims have changed, tyres have changed but protection fluid advances have stagnated all this time,” McLean explains.

Rim Gold is a true new-generational achievement but still remains non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmental benign and readily biodegradable. McLean forecasts further developments using this technology.

“We believe that there are further exciting advances to be made in the area of product concentration and, in this vein, there lies the prospect of incredible savings in transport and logistical costs to the mining industry,” McLean says. 

“We are proud to introduce this truly, new generational product to the Australian industry – we believe that it will provide great advantages to the remote Australian mining and industrial sectors.”  

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