Ground engaging tools GET a digital transformation

MTG has ushered in the next generation of real-time excavation monitoring through its GET DETECTION system.

MTG has been working to maximise safety and minimise loss by ushering in the next generation of real-time excavation monitoring through its GET Detection system.

A big concern for mining excavation operators when implementing ground engaging tools (GET) monitoring solutions is how reliable and consistent the system will be. Falsely detected equipment failures on equipment can pose safety risks for operators and incur unnecessary downtime.

Conversely, MTG’s ground-breaking GET Detection system suite includes sensory technology that has proven to accurately detect equipment failures in three seconds or less – without the concern for false alarms.

According to MTG vice president of product innovation Nil Vallvé, it was the increasing global demand for more resilient and robust monitoring solutions that led MTG to begin developing a failsafe GET Detection system.

“First and foremost, safety was the most important factor we considered when designing our GET technology, with cost as a secondary consideration” he told Australian Mining.

“For example, we know that when a crusher stops due to the fall of a steel part it can be not only costly, but complicated and risky¬ to repair it.”

The GET Detection system is equipped with sensors that automatically connect to a control unit once installed in the bucket of an excavator. From there, it detects events with a high level of accuracy and require minimal user intervention, avoiding potential safety issues and production losses.

“MTG’s GET Detection system allows operators to respond immediately with direct action and minimise downtime on the toughest mining applications,” Vallvé said.

In addition to sensory detection of equipment health, the GET Detection system goes one step further by collecting data that allows mine site operators to optimise stock and plan for teeth replacement on their equipment.

“Our digital solutions software provides information on the working hours of every GET system on a mine site, as well as its consumption rates by machine and by positioning,” Vallvé explained.

“With our digital solutions and sensors, we are creating a new ecosystem of GET data and we are paving the way to the GET of the future and to the autonomous machine.”

MTG has been active in the Australian mining sector for more than 10 years, establishing a presence in active mining regions and forging strong relationships with its customers throughout the sector.

“Our company highly values the input of our Australian mining customer base, which we consider the most technologically advanced in the world,” Vallvé said.

“We currently have warehouses in Perth, Mackay (Qld) and Rutherford (NSW). Through these we have grown our local team of sales representatives, services engineers, and logistics experts to expand our distribution across the country – from the Pilbara to the Bowen Basin.”

Given Australia is subject to some of the harshest environmental conditions in the world, MTG’s GET Detection system is one of few products in the market that has been tested against that same level of difficulty.

“We have tested our system at a wide variety of mine sites and regions across Australia and Europe and it continues to demonstrate flawless reliability in the field, regardless of the environmental conditions,” said Vallvé.

“We can proudly say that after extensive testing, our GET Detection system has yet to turn up a false alarm.”

“We expect that in a few years, the sensory capabilities of our GET Detection system will become a requirement on Australian mining operations, becoming more than just a digital tool, but an integral part of the digital transformation.”

This feature appeared in the July issue of Australian Mining.

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