GE and Pitney Bowes partner on industrial internet technology

GE and Pitney Bowes have announced a new strategic partnership that will see Pitney Bowes’ location intelligence and data quality solutions being embedded in GE Predix, the cloud-based platform for creating innovative Industrial Internet applications that derive insight from real-time operational data to assist with better and faster decision-making.

Collaborating on the GE Predix platform enables business leaders to address mission-critical challenges across large-scale industrial environments, helping speed up operational decisions that deliver cost efficiencies, improve performance and increase revenues.

Location intelligence and data quality are two of the most critical aspects of data analytics for industrial enterprises. Pitney Bowes’ location intelligence capabilities cover 122 countries at point and street level, and 240 countries and territories at postal and place levels, providing the accuracy and precision necessary for industrial data processing needs. Data collected by sensors on machines and assets is presented geospatially and analysed to reveal business intelligence in real time across industrial networks.

Bill Ruh, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, GE Digital observes that it is important to continuously advance the convergence of the physical and digital worlds to harness the power of the Industrial Internet. Commenting on GE’s strategic partnership with Pitney Bowes, he explains that understanding complex relationships between location and data gives them the ability to drive deeper insights and real-time action for improving performance and productivity over a machine’s lifecycle. This can be achieved by combining Predix, location intelligence and GE’s industrial domain expertise.

According to Mark Wright, President of Digital Commerce Solutions, Pitney Bowes, industrial challenges require global real-time big data analytics provided by the GE Predix platform. On this industrial scale, Pitney Bowes location intelligence solutions deliver geospatial analytics for solving mission-critical challenges, while data quality solutions provide global precision.

Industrial analytics in shipping and logistics help transform global operations with intelligence around the location of each asset at any given time. Government officials turn to industrial analytics to make informed and accurate decisions on repair, maintenance and investment for critical public infrastructure assets against tightly constrained budgets and timescales. As sensors are used to monitor highway traffic, utility efficiency and municipal works, a real-time geospatial view of infrastructure becomes critical for planning and delivering city services.

Geospatial data analytics are also relied upon by mining companies to help find the highest concentration of minerals that can be extracted at the lowest cost. Remote and autonomous vehicles, mining equipment, conveyor belts and even staff at mining sites can now be equipped with sensors that include GPS for location. This information is fed into systems that analyse and optimise the operation of the mine, improve employee safety and predict problems before they happen.

Pitney Bowes Chief Innovation Officer Roger Pilc will join GE’s Bill Ruh on stage at GE's fourth annual Minds + Machines event being held the week of September 28, 2015 at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, California. The 2015 event will feature focused sessions on the state of the Industrial Internet as well as deep-dive presentations on GE's Predix platform, strategies for Asset Performance Management, and adjacent technologies driving successful Industrial Internet outcomes.

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