Gain your customers trust touch free ice cream delivery

Riva has developed a new touch free sensor delivery system!

Available 1st October.

Two easy steps to dispense real dairy ice cream, not soft serve.

Step 1: Hover hand in front of sensor 1

Step 2: Place bowl/cup/cone in front of sensor 2

Reduce your risk exposure!

The Riva system uses a sealed container that does not allow any staff or customer contact with the product which reduces the possibility of contamination.

Now with the new touch free sensor delivery system, there is not even any contact with the equipment making the Riva Dispenser System 100 per cent contactless.

Unlike other methods of ice cream delivery, Riva does not require the product to be prepared by staff, or remain exposed to the elements at any time.

We have a large number of businesses within the mining industry using the Riva Dispenser System.

To find out more about the Riva Dispenser System and how we can benefit your business, visit our website by clicking HERE

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