FLSmidth to reduce emissions in cement, mining by 2030

Economic growth, urbanisation and growing populations are fuelling demand for new urban infrastructure, technology and modern conveniences.

With a concurrent move towards energy efficiency, green technology and a low carbon future, we are seeing stronger demand for electric cars, wind and solar energy and energy storage.

Meeting these demands requires minerals, which places mining industry at the centre of green-energy solutions.

The difficulty in delivering the minerals demanded by society while decreasing the environmental footprint is being compounded by declining ore grades.

This has direct implications for the amounts of water and energy needed for production, increasing the environmental footprint of the mine.

It is a challenge, but it also creates opportunities for us to be part of the solution.

With MissionZero, our ambition is to offer our mining customers solutions that support zero water waste, zero emissions and zero energy waste by 2030.

Why MissionZero?

We launched the MissionZero ambition because it is necessary, because it is sound business for us and our customers and because it provides a competitive edge.

We are the go-to-partner for sustainable productivity, and we are perfectly positioned to meet customers challenges, such as increasing costs and risk, tighter regulations and changing societal expectations.

Achieving MissionZero in mining

We are dedicated to the development of digital and innovative solutions tied to sustainable productivity.

This means offering customers the required technological solutions to move towards zero-emissions mining processes by 2030, with a specific focus on water management.

MissionZero goes beyond what is feasible today, requiring a shift in how we collaborate and innovate.

Already, we have solutions such as dry-stack tailings that enables our customers to recover up to 95 per cent of their process water and multiple digital solutions that provide greater processing efficiency.

But we are also identifying opportunities to significantly improve customers’ productivity and environmental impact across the entire mining flowsheet, including crushing, flotation, thickener upgrades and filtration as well as the potential of pumps and cyclones.

MissionZero is also an invitation to customers, third parties and our peers to co-create and ensure adoption of solutions that will transform mining into a more sustainable industry. We are asking them to join us on this journey.

We are confident we can deliver significant and quantifiable benefits to our customers and the industry that will make mining more efficient, cost efficient and, of course, sustainable.

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