Expanding the RINGSPANN narrative in Australia

Ringspann has almost 6000 customers worldwide purchasing its premium power transmission components.

RINGSPANN’s mastery of power transmission components has come a long way from its German roots over 70 years ago, with the company continuing to build its presence in the Australian mining market.

To keep mining operations up and running, it’s important for equipment to have high quality and well-performing components under the hood.

RINGSPANN, a globally renowned manufacturer of premium power transmission components, is an expert in supplying products to the mining industry for gear driver and gearbox suppliers, pulley manufacturers and the materials handling sector.

Founded in 1944, RINGSPANN has grown from its headquarters in Bad Homburg, Germany to employ 480 people worldwide across 17 international companies.

RINGSPANN provides drivetrain components to more than 6000 global customers in industries such as mining and food.

The company first operated as a distributor but has shifted its sights to also pursue a globalised business model over the past 15 years, which led to the establishment of RINGSPANN Australia in 2018.

RINGSPANN Australia general manager Seshan Ramaswamy says the expansion of the company in countries like Australia means customers are within local reach of its vast range of products.

“The strategy of internationalisation meant that we established our own company in important mechanical engineering regions of the world as a one-stop destination for high-quality drive technology,” he tells Australian Mining.

“We are on the doorstep of major producers of iron, coal, nickel, copper, gold and various other minerals in this natural resources-rich region.

“Under this business model, we can be more proactive and reach out to customers very quickly unlike the previous model of distributorship …thus bringing the German one-stop supplier of high-quality mechanical power transmission products Down Under.”

Through its Australian headquarters in Melbourne, one of RINGSPANN primary focusses in the country is the mining industry.

“Mining is the bread and butter of the business,” Ramaswamy says. “The entire RINGSPANN product range is available to the Australian mining industry. There are no exceptions.”

RINGSPANN offers freewheels, industrial brakes, shaft-hub connections, overload clutches and coupling and precision clamping fixtures to the mining industry.

The company aims to go above and beyond the expectations of customers, often providing unique solutions that are typically not available in its official catalogue of products.

“We push the boundaries and look for customer-specific solutions for applications that go well beyond the standard versions shown in our catalogues,” Ramaswamy says.

“A standard solution is always there but we also think, is there a better, efficient and more economical solution for the customers? And that’s why I believe we are a few steps ahead of our competition by offering solutions that are unique and economical.”

One example is RINGSPANN’s torque limiting backstops on multiple drive conveyor applications, which feature carbon friction linings that increase surface pressure and slipping torques up to 140kNm.

RINGSPANN often speaks to its international colleagues in other parts of the world to collaborate and share ideas for new products and solutions.

“We take our customers feedback and queries very seriously and we try and find the most optimum solution for the application,” Ramaswamy says.

RINGSPANN has also continued to operate under the impact of COVID-19, implementing a range of necessary precautionary methods to slow the spread and continuing to support customers in financial hardship.

“We listen to the concerns of our business partners about the impact of COVID-19 on their businesses and to support them where possible,” Ramaswamy says.

The company also offers the RINGSPANN Academy, which holds regular training programs for its engineers and frontline staff on products, applications and processes.

Ramaswamy says the academy provides staff with up-to-date information on products and applications, as well as knowledge gathered from different parts of the world.

“We talk to our colleagues in South Africa, North and South America, India and China for new ideas and share the success with our local customers,” Ramaswamy says.

With its eyes on the future, RINGSPANN has a range of focus areas it is dedicated towards developing.

“We are always trying to offer a very high consulting competency, which means that we offer optimal customised solutions that are also economically viable. There is a synergy in this process,” Ramaswamy concludes.

This article also appears in the September issue of Australian Mining.

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