E*STAR connector ensures reliability at all times

Austin Powder has launched new connectors for the E*STAR electronic initiation system, featuring innovative capabilities that ensure ease of use and safety in harsh conditions.

Finding a missing connection can be a painstaking, time-consuming exercise. That is why Austin Powder focussed on creating a rugged new connector for its E*STAR electronic initiation system. 

The new connectors are ergonomically designed with built-in features to provide an easy-to-use, reliable industry solution.

So much innovation is packed into the new E*STAR connectors to ensure the highest standard of usability, reliability and safety.

Using the new connector with duplex bus line wire eliminates the need to split wires when making a connection, saving time and decreasing the chance of wire damage. 

With E*STAR, the connection is made by simply placing the duplex wire into the connector (in any polarity) and snapping the lid shut.

“The new E*STAR connectors are leading the industry with their innovative ‘double connect’ capability on both the leg wire and duplex wire. The double connect capability allows for eight contact points on the detonator leg wires and eight contact points on the bus lines. The new E*STAR connector effectively ensures a 100 per cent reliable connection of all wires within the connector, at all times,” Austin Powder global manager – electronic initiation systems, Campbell Robertson, explains.

“Blasters can also perform through-connector testing without opening the connector, streamlining the testing procedure.”

The new connectors also make both detonator-to-logger and detonator-to-branch connections faster and more reliable.

Wire type and length are identifiable at-a-glance because of standardised colour-coding.

The connector’s back is flat with ample surface area so that the delay time or other pertinent information can be noted.

Built with field conditions in mind, the connectors’ robust construction includes an all-weather-resistant seal, ensuring E*STAR detonators will function as intended even in the rain.

The grip provided by anti-slip contours and the robust flip-top hinge makes it possible to open and close the connector even while wearing gloves.

In fact, a blaster can open the connector using just one thumb, yet once closed, the connector is sealed and secure from dirt, debris and moisture ingress.

At Austin Powder, the details matter in all that the company does. The new E*STAR connectors are just an example of how Austin Powder is working to ensure that its products contribute to safe, predictable and optimised results.

This article also appears in the April issue of Australian Mining.

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