Erkat focuses on simplicity with new V cutter 

Erkat has introduced a new drum cutter with a focus on simplicity. 

The new VC 2000 will take the reliability, robustness and ease of use seen in Erkat’s drum cutters to a new level. 

The new V-shaped design will set a new standard in trenching and quarrying, saving energy consumption and maintenance time. 

“We’re pleased to present an alternative that can match the performance of a chain cutter with 40 per cent fewer picks and no need for overhauling,”  Erkat business development manager Glenn Illingworth said. 

With more than 20 years’ experience in development, Erkat is in a prime position to introduce game-changing technologies to increase efficiency. 

While a regular drum cutter moves side to side to create an even trench, the VC 2000 can achieve the same result by moving straight across. 

This approach means that the extra ware on the carrier arm is avoided. 

The VC 2000 will introduce many advantages such as fuel saving from the lower weight, simpler construction and a 50% reduction in maintenance. 

Simple to operate, the VC 2000 will also eliminate the risk of oil contamination. 

“Providing solutions that can help our customers reach new levels is rewarding, not the least when it comes to energy saving and sustainability,” Illingworth said. 

Previous customers of Erkat’s drum cutters will be pleased to see the robust spur gears, adaptable high torque gear motor and the QuickSnap retaining system being including in the VC 2000. 

These attributes have become distinguishing features of Erkat’s range. 

Increasing the overall effectiveness of the VC 2000 is HATCON, a monitoring system that keeps track of operating hours, location and service intervals, presenting the information on any screen via MyEpiroc. 

“Customers inspire us to constantly rethink all aspects of our offer, and VC 2000 is certainly a result of that,” Illingworth said. 


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