Enerflow: The first in safety first

L to R: Jason Collins - Safety, Craig Johnston - Director, Phil Vale - Bureau Veritas, Gareth Moody - Director, David Smith - General Manager, Shaun Lyell - Workshop Manager, Josh Staveley - Labour Manager.

Implementation of the first true international standard for safety, ISO45001, has been a long time coming.

Historically, Australian companies have been able to implement AS/NZS 4801 and/or ISO 18001, however, there has never been a true international health and safety standard until now.

ISO45001 brings with it the most advanced high-level structure designed to incorporate everyone in the business and ensure a safer workplace for not just workers but contractors, sub-contractors and end users.

Enerflow embarked on its ISO journey during the draft form of ISO45001 with the intention of becoming a pioneer and industry leader for safety.

Through consultation of employees all through the development and implementation of the standard it has been a real team effort to become the first mining services company certified by the world-renowned and notoriously meticulous Bureau Veritas Australia.

This journey has seen Enerflow change reporting measures to compare its total recordable incident rates against the industry benchmark of just lost-time injuries (LTIs), exceeding 550 medical treatment injury (MTI) free days with an expanding workforce which has doubled in the past 12 months.

Changes to recruitment, inductions, contractor management and above all involvement of staff both based in Perth and across the Pilbara. A truly integrated safety system that extends through all aspects of the business. 

The Enerflow team believe that safety is more than a result and that if you are not continuously changing the way you currently do things for the better, then you are falling behind. This certification shows that they are on the front foot and are driving the changes needed to improve safety in Australia.

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