Eliminate the risk with hose reels

The heavy-duty hose reels are engineered to withstand tough mining operations.

Industrial hoses can present a significant safety hazard if not managed correctly. JSG Industrial Systems hose reels keep work areas clear, ensuring worker safety and a prolonged hose life.

JSG Industrial Systems is all about maximising productivity for its customers, as well as reducing downtime and operational costs.

The company has a wide range of products designed to make day–to–day operations more efficient, including its original lubrication management systems, its flow management and fire suppression systems, material dispensing management systems, and hose management systems. 

JSG hose reels are designed with quality, strength, durability and serviceability in mind, and its wide range can be supplied with or without hose.

When it comes to mining, field service vehicles and workshops provide maintenance to heavy mining vehicles involving lubrication, oils and coolants. Appropriate hose and cable management systems ensure these sites run safely, effectively and efficiently.

JSG Industrial Systems national sales manager Italo Marcantonio said hoses lying around shop floors or hanging from ceilings can cause potential problems, affecting maintenance costs and creating a potentially unsafe work area.

“Our hose reels provide a safe and secure means of storage and transporting the hose reels,” Marcantonio said.  “It avoids any safety issues that you have with hoses around the working areas causing trip hazards, but also protects the hoses from damage in applications where there’s heavy machinery and dirty, dusty or harsh environments by protecting the hoses and ensuring longer service lives.”

Poor hose management on reciprocating or moving machinery can result in premature rupture of hoses. This can be caused by wear, abrasion, kinking, being caught in machinery or passing in-house traffic. 

Irrespective of the cause, the result is the same – increased maintenance costs through machine downtime, plus the cost of repairs, and consequential damage.

JSG provides hose reels designed to safely rewind and store hoses away from hazardous locations on service vehicles, machinery or shop floors thereby providing a safer working environment.

The hose reel selection comes in three main categories – heavy-duty, industrial and specialty hose reels.

“Typically, the heavy-duty hose reels are used on mine sites as they are designed to handle the harsher conditions,” Marcantonio said.

“The heavy-duty reels are also either air or hydraulically driven for applications where you need to manage heavier, longer and larger diameter hose. Air and hydraulic rewind hoses are typically used in mine applications for the heavier hose which aren’t as easy to manipulate either manually or with a spring rewind.”

The heavy-duty hose reel range is engineered to withstand tough mining operations, and hazardous and difficult working environments simultaneously. 

These applications require the best quality hose reels, designed to accommodate critical factors relevant to each application such as required footprint, drive type and materials used.

“The heavy-duty hose reels being power-assisted and of a sturdy construction ensures proper and safe rewinding of the hoses, so they avoid the manual handling by the operators when needing to physically move the heavy hoses,” Marcantonio said.

“Not only does it reduce the manual handling risk it also reduces the trip hazard and the safety aspects of having hoses laying around on the floor.”

JSG offers a comprehensive range of hose reels covering applications from the heavy industrial to manufacturing and specialty applications.

The company relies on its strong network of service partners around the country that sell and support its products, to provide quick response times demanded by today’s customers.

“That is one of our biggest strengths out there in the market – when customers need support, they need it quick. These remote mine sites need people to get out there and our comprehensive service network is fantastic,” Marcantonio said.

“We have lifted our game now to the point where we offer a comprehensive range complimented by our technical support sales team and service network which really sets us apart from our competitors.” 

This article also appears in the March edition of Safe to Work.

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