Dynamic digital twinning made simple by Digital Twinning Australia

Digital Twinning Australia (DTA) uses the latest technologies, commonly found in every organisation, to create a digital twin or replica of your physical asset – a virtual representation of the built-form.

Clients can accurately view (in real time) asset component and system performance enabling predictive and prescriptive management of the asset’s maintenance for optimal performance and lower cost.

DTA’s platform, offered as a service, paves the way for accurate capital investment modelling of asset life-cycle including operating expenses, upgrade, refurbishment and replacement at the project, precinct and portfolio levels.

Dynamic digital twinning operating model

Dynamic digital twinning success is all about context, requirement and evidence-based agility. At Digital Twinning Australia DTA, our context has been to reduce the cost to operate by focusing on critical asset systems; asset life-cycle optimisation; reliability centre maintenance; and intelligent cost planning.

Platform as a service (PaaS) – at DTA we build, using common off-the-shelf products and Industry 4.0, a scalable dynamic digital twin as a PaaS.

Data as a service (DaaS) – the maintained dynamic digital twin or PaaS will receive live operating data, plus historically held condition, performance and procurement data from other applications. The DDT-PaaS visualises all data specific to a system enabling collaboration anywhere, anytime.

Analytics as a service (Aaas) – having live critical system data means machine learning and artificial intelligence analytics are not theoretical or legacy locked. DTA’s DDT-PaaS delivers evidence based predictive and prescriptive hypotheses; decisions become real-time and evidence- based delivering AaaS

Dynamic digital twinning success

Dynamic digital twinning delivered by DTA is a product with pre and post services which makes defining the problem and identifying the solution easier and faster.

DTA works with clients to scope out and build a minimal viable product MVP; a scalable “no-regrets” investment. The purpose of the MVP is to move from a concept to reality; to a digital thing that can be touched, looked at, played with. The outcome of the MVP is a defensible evidence-based, visual business case. Working with our clients, DTA facilitate the process.

With the business case approved, DTA develops the PaaS providing knowledge and confidence around dynamic twinning of critical systems, and how data from curity and ownership risks and issues get tightened and formalised.

With the PaaS established, DTA offers DaaS and AaaS. These services are an affordable way to ensure good data integrity and governance, for systems level robust analytics.

DTA is accelerating digitalisation; making digital engineering, digital asset management and Industry 4.0 market entry accessible to the masses.

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