DynaCut oscillating disc cutter technology achieving breakthroughs

CRCMining has partnered with Joy Global to further develop and advance its DynaCut technology by modelling equipment performance across a range of rock properties.

Licensed to Joy Global since 2006, CRCMining’s ODC (Oscillating Disc Cutter) technology was rebranded DynaCut with Joy Global taking over equipment development. In 2011, Joy Global engaged with CRCMining and potential technology users to improve knowledge of fundamental rock breakage and utilise this knowledge to further enhance equipment performance.

Having commissioned its test machine in 2013, Joy Global has, since then, made substantial improvements to the operating performance and mechanical reliability of DynaCut technology. When the test machine Surface Rig 1 (SR1) was conceived in 2011, the performance of a single DynaCut cartridge in hard rock was 2m³ per cutting hour with an average of 10 hours between breakdowns for the cutting device. Based on the chassis of a mid-sized road header, the SR1 machine was developed for the specific purpose of enhancing DynaCut technology.

When conceptualising the design of a mine development machine with multiple cartridges and multiple booms, it was apparent that a number of cartridges would be required to achieve competitive excavation rates. However, it is possible today to achieve commercially attractive rates with a single cartridge, creating substantial benefits for the application of such a simplified arrangement.

CRCMining Director of Industry Engagement Steve Powell recalled that the Joy Global team was intent on improving performance and reliability of DynaCut technology; however, nobody predicted the level of success that has now been achieved.

At the CRCMining forum, Brad Neilson from Joy Global outlined how the team was working together to advance the understanding around fundamental rock breakage mechanisms as well as key rock properties impacting DynaCut performance. He added that the Fundamentals of Rock Cutting project team was working with Joy Global’s full-scale cutting machine, which was applied to substantial rock samples rather than laboratory scale samples.

Steve Styles, Hard Rock Mining Program Manager for Joy Global said SR1 has demonstrated that a single DynaCut cartridge is capable of excavating igneous hard rock with Instantaneous Cutting Rates in the range of 15m³ to 30m³ per hour for various igneous rock types. Tests on massive sandstone (nominally 80MPa UCS) are achieving results up to 80m³ per hour. Additional tests will be conducted on sandstone in early 2016.

CRCMining has been working with Joy Global on several projects, co-funded by CRCMining, Anglo American and Joy Global. 

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