Double take: Enerflow adds second SKF rig to fleet

The only thing better than having an optimised reliable SKF drill is having another in the wings.

Enerflow has embarked on the next stage of their planned expansion and with it brings another matching SKF rig into its fleet. With the ever-growing variations of rigs in the industry it has been a conscious decision to proceed with the SKF style rig which is synonymous with reliability, functionality and versatility. The added benefits from having matching rigs that then flow to clients is the availability of parts, knowledge and experience.

It’s all too common in the industry to have a varied fleet of rigs which draws strain on resources for maintaining stock levels of consumables & spares, stretches maintenance personnel knowledge that ultimately impacts the reliability performance KPIs.

Enerflow strengthens its focus when it comes to ensuring that clients have the best value for money.

Through careful planning, parts management and service schedules, Enerflow makes the SKF a critical pivot point within the business model to deliver cost savings to clients. If you are interested in further information around Enerflow rigs please do not hesitate to contact us.

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