Do you measure truck payloads by weight or volume? Does it really matter which method you use? We think it does.

Image: LoadScan.

Weight has traditionally been the go-to method for measuring truck loads in the mining industry, but this method has limitations and shortcomings.

Common weighing systems don’t add up, mainly due to the effect of moisture on composition and density of material. In addition, weighing systems require frequent (and costly) maintenance and calibration.

Volume scanning enhances load measurement accuracy and is complementary to measuring weight with scales. By combining weight AND volume, measuring material bulk densities and payloads is more accurate.

Loadscan helps to improves the profitability of our customers. Our advanced volume scanning and measurement systems are extremely accurate to +/-1%, providing the detailed insights necessary to optimise production loading and throughput. Loadscan technology has been enabling substantially improved operational and financial performance for forward-thinking mining companies across the world for over 20 years.

Click on the link to find out how complimenting your weight scale systems with load volume scanning can improve your profits and operational efficiency.

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