DELLNER BUBENZER: Brakes and controls for underground conveying system in Mongolia

In July 2021 the Dellner Group announced it has consolidated Dellner Brakes JHS, Dellner Brakes, Dellner Industrial, Pintsch Bubenzer and RIMA into one new company – DELLNER BUBENZER.

The consolidation is part of an extensive restructuring and rebranding exercise at the corporate and product level.

With 450 employees , operations in 15 countries worldwide and a history of innovation and technical prowess that goes back some 80 years, this milestone event consolidates Dellner Bubenzer’s position as a global leader in the design and manufacture of braking systems for the material handling, mining, crane and hoist, container handling, marine, offshore, oil and gas, industrial and wind energy sectors.

This joining of multinational forces will provide customers with an expansive global network of integrated products and services, while retaining the local focus and outstanding levels of service that customers have come to expect.

“We are global, but we act local,” Dellner Bubenzer chief executive officer Marcus Aberg. says.

“From the biggest cities to the smallest towns, we are going to be where our customers are.

“We are not changing who we are, how we produce and develop our products, or the way we serve our customers, we are simply coming together, stronger and united as one. And, of course, our highly experienced, dedicated team will continue to encompass the culture, values and focus on excellence that have made the Dellner and Bubenzer companies a success.”

The merge includes a new corporate image. The new branding incorporates the Dellner ‘D’ and disc brake caliper, with a fresh, new, vibrant green colour that captures the visionary, optimistic future for this innovative, dynamic business.

This new brand colour will also be used on all Dellner Bubenzer’s market leading braking systems and products which include disc, drum and band brakes, pneumatic drum brakes and clutches, storm brakes, motor mounted brakes, monitoring and control systems, hydraulic systems, locking devices, couplings, brakes and sliding bearings for wind turbines, innovative ‘stopping, turning, locking’ systems and the patented BUEL thruster, along with a range of components and accessories.

In the application example, DELLNER BUBENZER recently supplied brakes for three gearless conveyor systems with an installed capacity of two 5500 kilowatts each for 7100 tonnes per hour for a copper mine in Mongolia.

The scope of supply was including floating calliper brakes SFR50, brake discs, hydraulic power units, UPS, BCC3000 closed loop control systems as well as the complete encoder technology.

The main parameters of the brake like pad wear, stroke (air gap) and brake pad temperature are continuously monitored.

The brakes stop the conveyor within 10s in loaded or unloaded condition. Depending on the parameter, like load, speed etc.,  the HPU and control unit provide different braking levels and scenarios.

The controlled braking process minimises the conveyor belt tension and reduces stresses in the connected equipment. The system is also able to perform the pre-programmed ramps and stopping curves after a power outage.

Redundant controls and HPUs guarantee highest system availability. The environmental conditions need a compact set-up of the brake units. The spring applied, hydraulically released, fail-safe brakes are able to equalise axial movement of the connected shafts.

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