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Blue Cube Systems is now operating out of its new office in Perth.

Blue Cube Systems’ Australian 2021 re-launch will focus on driving client growth by selling and supporting fast in-line mineral analysers for mineral benefaction applications in the Australasian region.

Mineral analyser equipment provider Blue Cube Systems has opened its new office in Perth, Western Australia. 

Despite COVID-19 delaying Blue Cube’s re-launch in Australia last year, the company is dedicated to growing its position in the country’s mining industry. The small, but very experienced local team consists of three, with two of these employees already in Australia and a third member still in South Africa waiting for COVID-19 restrictions to ease before joining the team. 

Blue Cube Australasia regional leader Stuart Cullum says calibration is achieved by its mineral analyser technology through the comparison of the spectral profile of a sample to that of samples with known composition. 

“We sold the first unit in Australia in 2006; therefore, we have quite a long run in the region,” he says.

Cullum asserts that its previous relationship with a local distributor in the region was vital to building the base for the company in Australia.

“During this time, with our distributor, we managed to sell 32 MQi mineral analysers in Australia and the surrounding islands. To date, 27 of those are on mineral processing plants, with 23 of them active on a regular basis,” Callum says.

Consequently, the decision to establish the office in Perth is because of its proximity to the majority of Blue Cube’s slurry analyser installations. 

Blue Cube Systems’ mineral analysis technology includes the MQi product range. The range includes models that can be used for slurry applications, such as flotation and leach operations, as well as wet or dry magnetic, electrostatic and gravity separation.

“Our technology allows us to calibrate against any quantifiable parameter that displays optical differences,” Cullum says. 

“We’re not limited to mineral or elemental analysis, we can do both at the same time, including lighter elements, as well as other quantifiable parameters with the same unit all in the same stream.

“Australia has various metal industries and the mining industry is not partial to any one particular mineral. The presence of iron ore, gold, coal, base metals and lithium, as well as others, provides an ideal outlook for the future.”

This technology will enable the company to grow significantly in the Australian mining sector, particularly owing to the strong diversity of the sector. 

The benefits of Blue Cube MQi include maximised mineral recovery, extensive applications, no hazardous components and ongoing innovation. 

Through its proven product reliability and solid international support services, Cullum says Blue Cube provides clients with the ability to quickly make informed decisions, optimising its process in real-time. 

The build quality for the products is robust and can handle the harsh conditions of a minerals separation plant, with its output via analogue signals or industrial protocols. The outputs are updated at 15-second intervals and follow process trends closely, which Cullum says differs from other models in the industry. 

“We have a cloud of data that I refer to as a brain. It is able to interpret the data, within the operating range, and give customers a prediction of what is flowing in the stream, in real-time. It allows for a very robust and dynamic way of analysing the process stream,” Cullum says. 

“We see it as a positive because the ore and the minerals that are being processed aren’t all the same. We update our calibration to stay in tune with that and make sure the information we are providing the client is up to date and as accurate as possible.”

Through Blue Cube Systems’ proven product reliability and solid international support services, the company is set to continue helping clients across Australia and the globe in many different industries. 

“The next five to 10 years for us will primarily be focussed on growth, and increasing the number of clients throughout the Australasian region, with all of our current clients in WA. We have only just got our first installation happening on the east coast,” Cullum says. 

“If this all pans out the way it should, it will be a worldwide first for this measurement online and in real time.”  

This story also appears in the April 2021 issue of Australian Mining.

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