Creating a centre of excellence for mining

Xylem trailer mounted pumps, built for mine sites and on road transportation.

With a vision to use technology, time and talent to advance the smarter use of water and look to a future where global water issues do not exist, Xylem has launched its Global Mining Centre of Excellence to support and solve water challenges in the mining industry.

Xylem uses the catchphrase ‘We Solve Water,’ a foundation on which its Global Mining Centre of Excellence (CoE) is built on. 

The new mining CoE is an assembled team of experts with vast experience on the water cycle in mining. 

Global Mining CoE director Paul Gaby says the centre was created to support Xylem’s regional teams to become a water management partner to its customers for all water touch points on a mine site.

“While there are multiple Xylem locations with strong knowledge of mining applications, the mining CoE will also support the collaboration of all the successes and previous learning across the globe in mining,” Gaby tells Australian Mining. 

“Mines are under more pressure than ever to reduce their impact on the planet and regulations continue to change. Companies that take a strategic view of water in mining applications have a better chance of turning these systemic challenges into competitive opportunities.” 

Gaby says this is where Xylem’s CoE stands out. With key support functions such as application, technical, product integration, product development and design. 

He adds that through its team of mining application and design engineers, Xylem can support customers to work through the toughest site water challenges.

“From a basic selection right through to a large complicated application, we can provide support for long-term projects, to tenders or even emergency responses,” he says.

Through global customers and Xylem’s key mining stakeholder feedback, the company aims to develop details of product gaps in mining to build a case from the ground up for development in global research and development (R&D) centres.

Gaby says with the ongoing changes in water management practices, there will be a need to couple Xylem’s offering with varying installation, product and management needs that the CoE can manage internally with experienced design engineers.

“We want to continue developing an intimate knowledge of the mining water cycle, and the voice of customer, to subsequently continue developing new products, technologies and accessories that improve our customers’ experience dealing with water challenges,” he says. 

XYLEM’S Flygt submersible pump range is for the most challenging dewatering applications.

Xylem’s mining industry solutions serve open pit, underground and processing operations. 

Gaby says the company is committed to including digital, transport, treatment, monitoring, control and assessment technologies to make mining operators’ jobs easier and their mines safer, reliable and efficient throughout a mine life cycle of exploration, development, operation and reclamation. 

As a result, Gaby says Xylem doesn’t just have great products, but great employees with years of experience in mining applications to enable the company to become a water management partner to the client and solve water challenges as they present.

“When new unseen issues present, our team will work in the background to solve the issue to then be available whenever this problem may arise again on a global basis. Being central in support we can also highlight gaps or problems that require product development,” Gaby says. 

“We can then work with our research and development teams to develop, improve or combine to find the ultimate solution for our customers.”

As mining is an important industry to Xylem and the Australian economy, Gaby says there is an increased demand in the commodities sector to make environmentally friendly products, focus on environmental social governance and climate change impacts.

He expects the Global Mining CoE to grow and expand into major mining locations across the globe to help solve their water challenges.

“Xylem’s overall goal as a business is partnering with our customers to provide sustainable, clean and affordable water to more people around the world while protecting the environment. All of our customers have environmental, social and governance targets that Xylem can support to achieve,” Gaby says. 

With Xylem’s core values around solving water challenges for its customers and the planet, Gaby says the company is excited to see the investment and commitment Xylem is making to the mining industry. 

“By partnering with our various stakeholders (customers, suppliers and industry) we are continuously working towards this objective, and we have a team of dedicated and talented employees who share this mission and journey,” he says. “We are here to solve your water challenges.”  

This article appears in the November issue of Australian Mining.

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