Connectivity critical for remote sites

The remote locations of mining of sites means telecommunications coverage is often limited and unreliable, hampering a business’ ability to access high-speed data and voice connectivity.

As a leading specialist fibre and network solutions provider, Vocus recently delivered an innovative way to help heavy rare earths business, Northern Minerals, transform its operations in remote north-western Australia, by partnering with nbn co to deliver business nbn Satellite Service.

Drawing on its expertise in fibre networks and working collaboratively with nbn, Vocus has become the number one provider of nbn Enterprise Ethernet services to customers in Australia. Its work delivering networks for major customers in regional and remote areas, is also expected to see it become the number one provider of services on nbn Business Satellite.

For Northern Minerals, and its Browns Range project in North Western Australia, it made the decision to work with Vocus and move its satellite service to nbn because of Vocus’ strong presence in the resources industry and expertise connecting remote sites.

“Connectivity in the resources sector has become such an important part of how we operate systems, gather data and communicate across sites,” said Northern Minerals chief operating officer, Robin Jones.

“It’s also critically important to providing an attractive work environment, lifestyle and ways to ensure the personal health and welfare of our employees.

“That means providing reliable ways for them to stay in touch with family, friends and the rest of the world, as well as be entertained with things such as music and movies,” he said.

Jones said previously, connectivity to the site had been difficult to rely on, but now with business nbn Satellite Service from Vocus, there had been a dramatic improvement.

“It has been valuable working with a partner like Vocus, who really understands connecting remote areas, what’s involved in partnering with the nbn, and the kinds of challenges a business like ours can have,” he said.

Vocus chief executive, enterprise & government, Andrew Wildblood, said in regional and remote areas, the nbn roll out was a great catalyst for change.

“It prompts businesses to look at how their network, connectivity and services are provided and consider what options are available in the market,” he said.

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