Q&A with Yang Liu, design manager – water at Coates

Coates - Yang Liu

Coates design manager – water Yang Liu. Image: Coates

Yang Liu is the design manager – water for Coates. Australian Mining spoke with him about his role at Coates and what drives him professionally. 

1.  Tell us a bit about yourself and what has led you to this professional role?

I am a process engineer and also a father of two young children. I have always been conscious of how we can protect our environment better while accommodating the needs of population growth.

Water is an essential environmental element that sustains life and needs to be managed and treated in a way that conserves it for us and future generations. Looking after and preserving water is fundamentally what I do in my line of work.

2. What does your job involve as a design manager – water at Coates?

My job is to strategically deliver water management solutions for our customers so they can maximise the environmental, economic and planning benefits of their projects.

When the unexpected suddenly happens on-site – as it often does with water – our team is there to support the customer with prompt service and an end-to-end solution that is delivered as seamlessly as possible.

3. What drives you in your work? 

To see our projects completed on time, within budget and with minimum impact on the environment.

4. What is Coates working on that excites you?

Coates is in the market as an all-in-one solutions provider serving multiple industry segments and we continue to look at optimising our current processes and equipment while innovating new equipment and processes for our clients.

5. Why do you like working for Coates?

I especially enjoy working on projects that help make our cities better places to live.

When my children ask about the tunnel we’re driving through, the light rail we’re riding on or the airport we’re walking into, I’m always very proud to tell them their Dad worked on those sites as part of the Coates water engineering team.

It makes you feel great knowing what you do every day is connected to your community.

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