CAPS Rental offers rent to own option for mine spec air compressors

CAPS Australia national rental coordinator Rhys McIntyre showcases one of CAPS' rent to purchase options. Image: CAPS Australia.

Mining operations rely heavily on air compressors to drive many critical operations.

CAPS Australia has a strong history of supplying the industry with custom-engineered mine spec air compressors. Now its rental division, CAPS Rental, extends this option to mining operators with the additional choice of “renting to purchase”.

A key advantage CAPS Rental provides is the ability to customise air compressors to their customer needs. CAPS Australia’s national rental coordinator Rhys McIntyre explained that being able to rent air compressors could have a huge impact on a company’s budget.

“Renting can ease the upfront start-up costs of a mining operation, as purchasing brand new equipment is expensive,” McIntyre said.

“Renting or renting to purchase avoids the upfront costs associated with purchasing and allows businesses to better allocate their financial resources.”

Moreover, CAPS have a fleet of over 200 units with various options that are site-ready or can be quickly customised to meet customer requirements. Their focus is on renting out machines that are in industry demand, such as world-renowned Ingersoll Rand rotary screw air compressors, that have been operating in Australian mines for over 130 years.

Fit for Purpose

“Every product we have launched was conceived from the practical, real-world needs we see every day at our customer’s sites,” McIntyre elaborated.

“But where CAPS can give customers a competitive advantage is through our heavy focus on engineered solutions, as we can modify any machine in our rental fleet to suit a specific application.

“For example, mining environments are hot, harsh and dusty, so we design and engineer our air compressors to be ‘mine spec’ with high dust filtration, outdoor mods, sealed electrical enclosures, power isolator switches, reinforced earth bars and marine windows to withstand these conditions.”

Besides Ingersoll Rand rotary screw air compressors, CAPS Rental offer Japanese-built Airman portable diesel compressors, dryers, nitrogen generators and blowers. They’ve also custom-designed skid mounted packages for mining companies.

“For underground mining applications, we offer 1000 volt, 918CFM skid-mounted packages, which include a 160kw air compressor on a skid with a rock guard roof and an air receiver tank,” McIntyre said.

“BHP and Red 5 Limited are currently utilising these packages in their underground operations.

“We can offer the same package but 415v for above-ground operations. I

In our branches located in mining regions, such as Kalgoorlie, Mackay, Newcastle and Adelaide, we have a large fleet of 400CFM and 900CFM portable diesel compressors, ready at a moment’s notice for shut-downs and applications such as sandblasting.”

Cost Effective Option

In terms of rental costs, McIntyre said the newer CAPS long term and rent to purchase options are among the most competitive and cost effective on the market. All their longer-term and rent to own packages include CAPS preventative maintenance servicing.

“We work out a fixed rate and maintenance programme with long term rentals that is based on the number of hours the compressor will be used over the year,” McIntyre explained.

“The less hours and servicing required, the better the price. This also makes it fairer for the customer.

“With the rent to own, we offer flexible and adaptable options to suit different types of businesses.

Importantly, businesses have the unique benefit of building equity in the equipment during the rental period, and the option of purchasing the equipment from 12-month, 24-month and 36-month intervals.”

While the market demand is smaller, CAPS also supply nitrogen generators – which are ideal for various mining applications such as mining truck tyre inflation and blowers through their rental programme.

Again, these are custom engineered, which is particularly important for blowers. CAPS can change the pressure and capacity to suit to the application.

Quite simply, “Whatever the customer requires, we can design, engineer and build it,” McIntyre said.

National Footprint

Importantly, CAPS Australia has impressive customer reach with nine branches around Australia and their service teams do regular service runs into the mining regions.

“Wherever the machine is, we will service it,” McIntyre said.

“We perform regular service runs through key mining regions. All branches have workshops as well, so we are set up to provide fast turnaround on any equipment that needs servicing.”

For more information on CAPS Rental’s offering or to receive our monthly “available to rent” list, please contact 1800 800 878 or follow CAPS on LinkedIn.

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