Brokk releases remote control hydraulic drifter rock drill

Brokk Australia has introduced a new hydraulic drifter rock drill designed specifically for space-constrained worksite applications.

The new remote-controlled demolition equipment from Brokk combines superior drilling power with a compact design for mining, demolition and tunnelling applications. The new TE160 hydraulic drifter rock drills from TEI Rock Drills are paired with the Brokk 100 or Brokk 160 to eliminate fatigue caused by operating the heavy handheld tools, as well as improve overall drilling accuracy and promote safety by allowing operators to stand farther away from the drilling site.

Peter Bigwood, vice president of sales and marketing at Brokk explains that heavy jackleg drills are difficult to move and can quickly wear out the operator. However, the new Brokk machine and drill head combination ensures operators will not tire easily, while they run powerful drilling equipment in tunnels, mines and demolition sites for longer and from safe distances, thanks to the remote controlled operation.

Jackleg drills typically used for drilling 1-5/8-inch diameter holes for blasting require the miners to stand within three feet of the working surface, placing them at risk of being hit by water-propelled, fractured rocks or falling debris. They also have to strain against the jackleg drills for long periods of time, with the exertion leading to injuries and inaccurately drilled holes.

With a Brokk machine and the TE160 attachment, miners can consistently drill to 20-feet depths from a safe distance. Operators can take the 45-inch-tall Brokk 100 unit into areas with six-feet height clearances, making them great for workspaces with little headroom. When the arms and stabiliser legs are folded in, the Brokk 100 is less than 31 inches wide, narrow enough to fit through doorways or onto elevators at demolition sites.

The compact TE160, at about 26 inches long, is the smallest drill attachment from TEI, but can deliver 35 to 60 foot-pounds of impact energy at 5,000 to 6,500 blows per minute. The drill also produces 100 pound-feet of torque and reaches rotation speeds of up to 250 rpm, which makes it an accurate and faster alternative to jackleg drilling through brick, concrete and rock.

The new drill attachment complements other Brokk attachments to make Brokk machines more versatile. For example, demolition crews can use the Brokk 100 or Brokk 160 with the TEI attachment to bore 2-inch diameter holes for splitter or cracking agents in non-explosive demolition applications. They can then quickly replace the drill with a hydraulic breaker, shear or bucket to size and remove debris.

The hydraulic TE160 drill attachment is also quieter than pneumatic handheld alternatives, allowing construction crews to use the equipment in locations where noise control regulations are in effect, such as in residential areas.

The new rock drill’s control can be integrated into the Brokk machine’s control system, enabling operators to manage the Brokk equipment and the TEI drill with a single control, increasing convenience and freeing up an extra worker who normally would be required to operate the second control.

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