Bisalloy protects industry with Aussie-made steel plate


Bisalloy sources its steel locally from BlueScope.

This manufacturer lays claim to the only Australian-made quenched and tempered steel on the market, providing the Australian mining industry with some of the most well-suited wear steel for any application. 

Bisalloy has developed a recipe for success with its national dealer network since it was established 40 years ago in Wollongong, New South Wales.  

The company sources its raw materials from BlueScope just 10 minutes away, making it the only Australian manufacturer of its kind that does not require imports.  

With the blessing of the National Association of Testing Australia (NATA), each plate of steel comes hot off the production line with a stamp of approval to withstand the most abrasive jobs mining can offer.  

Bisalloy national sales and marketing manager Andrew Egan says the company uses these important partnerships to ensure its business is as trusted as its product.  

“Reliable steel supply and consistent quality are the two obstacles to success,” Egan tells Australian Mining.  

“We overcome this by working closely with our suppliers. One of which is BlueScope where we source 90 per cent our steel, and we’ve fostered a good relationship with them owing to our proximity. 

“On consistent quality, we have a technical team dedicated to the monitoring and testing of quality to ensure we uphold our NATA-qualified standards.” 

By partnering with BlueScope, Bisalloy combines the best of both worlds for a superior result. 

“The green feed – the raw product – we get from BlueScope is made to our recipe and we then quench and temper it,” Egan says.  

“BlueScope steel is very high-quality steel so bringing our two processes together makes for a very popular product.” 

The reason to obsess over every step of the steel manufacturing process is that the Australian mining industry has grown a reputation for being one of the most abrasive in the world to operate in.  

When iron ore comes tumbling down a chute or GET (ground engaging tools) are relied upon to withstand hours of relentless abrasion, mining operators need to be sure their equipment can handle these harsh conditions.  

Egan says Bisalloy assures its products are up to the task, while saving time and money.  

“The beauty of what we provide is it lasts longer so you don’t have to change it out as often,” Egan says.  

“A mining company will spend less time and money on maintenance when using Bisalloy compared with a less wear-resistant brand, thanks to our recipe for quenched and tempered steel.” 

Bisalloy Wear steel is specifically formulated to endure harsh mining conditions.

This fact is no more apparent than with Bisalloy as it puts significant time into testing its solutions in real-world applications.  

Egan says the size of the company allows Bisalloy to offer bespoke solutions to suit almost any calling by partners in the mining industry.  

“We’ve conducted field tests with our end-users working through our dealers. The beauty of being a slightly smaller company is we can tweak chemistries in the steel to suit particular applications, if need be,” Egan says.  

“If we work with a mine which has a unique requirement, we’ve got no problems discussing with them to provide a tailored solution.  

“As a smaller company, relatively speaking, we are able to engage with customers on many different levels. We’re nothing if not nimble as these steel plates are all we do, and we do them well.” 

Every corner of Australia can be reached by Bisalloy wear steel, with a reliable network of dealers providing the final polish to a reliable service.  

While abrasive steel is one offering, it’s nothing without the accompanying support, according to Egan.  

“We’re based here in an Australian time zone. We’ve got our own technical team available to travel and visit customer sites. We not only provide the product but the advice as to its application,” Egan concludes.  

This article appears in the November issue of Australian Mining.

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