BHP announces new senior management

Following the appointment of Andrew Mackenzie as the new CEO of BHP earlier this year, the miner has carried out a major shakeup in its senior management team.

It comes only days after analysts pointed to an expected weaker production rate for the March quarter.

Mike Yeager, the embattled petroleum head, will step down from the position to be replaced Tim Cutt from July.

Yeager was at the helm during the miner's slump in shale oil in the US.

Cutt stepped into the position from diamonds and specialty products division.

Prior to this role he lead the production activities in petroleum after joining BHP from ExxonMobil.

Peter Beaven remains in charge of Copper and base metals, while Dean Dalla Valle now heads the merged Metallurgical and Energy coal divisions.

Marcus Randolph, previously the head of the ferrous and coal divisions, is currently on sick leave from the company, but will officially leave the group management committee next month.

Hubie dan Dalsen, who headed the Metallurgical coal division will retire from the company.

Daniel Malchuk, formerly the head of minerals exploration, is now leading the aluminium, manganese and nickel businesses after Alberto Calderon stepped down from the position.

Calderon will remain with the company as an advisor to the newly appointed CEO.

Jimmy Wilson retains his role a head of iron ore.

Commenting on the change at the senior level, Mackenzine said "the composition and structure of the team reflects my commitment to a relentless focus on the safe execution of BHP Billiton's strategy".

"The team will provide the company with the right balance of skills and experience needed to lead BHP effectively through the current environment."

He went on to say that with the "focus having shifted to an even greater emphasis on operational excellence, the removal of a layer of management brings the operations closer to the CEO and ensures alignment between strategic and managerial leadership.

"All of this will be critical in driving our productivity agenda."

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