BELAZ dump trucks ready to roll out to Australian mines

BELAZ Australia has been appointed as the official distributor for BELAZ dump trucks in Australia. Australian Mining looks at what the company has on offer.

BELAZ, the Belarus-based manufacturer of haulage and earthmoving equipment, with a 70-year history, recently announced BELAZ Australia as its first authorised dealer in the country.

BELAZ Australia national sales manager, Shane Dinsdale says BELAZ Australia will provide direct factory support to its mining clients in the regions the truck fleets are implemented, with its head office based in Perth.

“BELAZ Australia understands the value in supporting its products in Australia and ensuring product availability for our customers. This commitment will be strengthened with the investment in after-sale support, centralised distribution centres including spare parts warehousing, local service personnel and training centres to further support our customers,” he tells Australian Mining.

Dinsdale says BELAZ Australia has a range of dump trucks ready to roll out across Australian mine sites, ranging in payload capacity from 90 to 450 tonnes.

“BELAZ’s Australian fleet features AC electric drives from General Electric and European-quality componentry. All BELAZ trucks are compliant with the required ISO and Australian Standard requirements. BELAZ also offers a range of customisation options, including the option to equip the trucks with either MTU or Cummins engines,” he adds.

Globally, BELAZ has successfully introduced several innovative haulage solutions in recent years, which Dinsdale says are now also available to Australian miners through BELAZ Australia.

“These include developing the world’s biggest twin engine electric-drive mining dump truck with 450-tonne payload capacity. The innovation has continued with BELAZ developing a zero emission all-battery electric drive EV 90-tonne 7558E dump truck,” he says.

Since 2012, BELAZ has partnered with Zyfra Robotics – part of Zyfra, a Finnish AI and IIoT-based solutions company – to develop autonomous haulage solutions for the mining industry.

Based on this partnership, a fleet of 136-tonne BELAZ 7513R autonomous dump trucks have been operating at the Abakansky site of SUEK-Khakassia’s Chernogorsky open pit coal mine in Russia since 2019, resulting in a reported 20 per cent increase in the mine’s haulage productivity.

Apart from the 7513R autonomous dump trucks, BELAZ has also introduced semi-autonomous wheel loaders on the project, providing the ability to operate the loader and several autonomous dump trucks through a single operator.

Following its successful global experiences in providing autonomous haulage solutions, BELAZ now intends to collaborate with Australian companies to offer similar solutions.
Dinsdale says BELAZ Australia provides cost-effective and customisable autonomous haulage solution for mining surface operations.

“Cost is currently the biggest barrier for miners when they consider implementing autonomous haulage systems,” Dinsdale says.

“BELAZ is offering the same level of autonomy and similar componentry as other autonomous dump truck providers, but at reduced upfront and operational costs. BELAZ also offers flexible financing solutions through its partner leasing company, which is Finmining,” he adds.

Integration with existing fleet management systems is another key advantage of BELAZ’s autonomous haulage solutions, according to Dinsdale.

“BELAZ autonomous dump trucks can seamlessly integrate and communicate with existing management systems. This enables the mines to use their existing hardware and software technologies with minimal additional investment,” he says.

“BELAZ is actively expanding into new global markets, including Europe, South Africa, India and Indonesia. In Australia, we bring our best quality and technologies to the market and we can provide our customers with any 90-tonne to 450-tonne class of dump truck for their mine site,” Dinsdale says.

He encourages mining companies to have a conversation with the BELAZ team in Australia to initiate a feasibility study on their mine site and learn about the best haulage solutions available for their projects.

“Through this assessment, BELAZ experts look at the mines’ haulage route, the duty cycles of the mine and the existing loading equipment. This in turn helps us and our potential clients to determine how the BELAZ dump truck fleet can help improve their operation,” he concludes.

This article also appears in the August issue of Australian Mining.

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