Australian Mining’s top 6 mining apps

The mobile phone turned 40 today and it’s come a long way since its single function clunky days.

In celebration of the devices that we in many cases can’t live with and can’t live without Australian Mining has put together the top 6 mining apps every miner should have on their phone.

1. Mining Jobs mining-jobs.jpg

The free Mining Jobs app is updated daily and showcases the latest mining jobs with an Australian focus.


2. FIFO RNR fifo.png

Anything that makes roster life and rotations a little easier is a winner in Australian Mining’s books.

This app allows miners to enter in their roster and share it with friends, family and service providers in real time so they can fit in to your schedule or so you can see whether they’re on or off site.

It also records and stores your annual leave and allows you to set alarms for shifts.


3. Pocket Blast Guide orica.jpg

Orica Australia has put together an easy to use app which allows mobile access to blast calculations, conversions, product information and tools for managing blasting operations.

It can also be access while offline, which is handy when you’re out of range.


4. Glossary of mining and geological terms mining-and-geo.jpg

The equivalent of the Webster dictionary but for mining, this glossary app contains over 1300 definitions of mining-related terms.


5. Synaptor Observations Synaptol.jpg

A free mobile app for documenting hazards on mine sites.


6. Spotify spotify.jpg

Spotify gives you instant access to millions of songs when you’re on the go.

It’s made the list because everyone needs a little music sometimes.

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