Australian Mining tours Hastings Deerings facility [Images]

Australian Mining recently toured Cat dealer Hastings Deering's major facility in Brisbane, we give you a round-up of the day.

The tour started at Hasting Deering's facility in Archerfield, checking out the equipment in their heritage listed hangers.

It quickly moved on to the most impressive part of the facility, the SOS lab, where Hastings Deering check the quality of their customers' fuel, oil, hydraulic oils, coolants and fluids.

Much of the process it automated within the lab, allowing it to carry out calculations and analyses faster and more accurately. 

A particle analyser within the facility. According to Hastings Deerings there are 17 particle counting machines in the world, and this facility has four of them.

One of the bays where the machinery was being assembled. During the tour of the facility, Australian Mining saw a number of 793s awaiting assembly to be shipped off to BMA's new Caval Ridge coal mine.

According to Hastings Deering the group is able to assemble and have the trucks ready for shipping in as little as 35 days.

Keep an eye out for the full story on our tour, and how Caterpillar is moving a year on after its massive acquisition of Bucyrus.

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