Atlas Copco breathes life into mine compressor requirements

Australian Mining finds out how Atlas Copco’s range of air compressors and on-site gas generation systems are helping mining companies increase operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact at the same time.

Atlas Copco approaches the mining industry with the attitude that no two operations are the same.

The company caters to each site’s unique needs with the flexibility of its range and expertise of its engineers.

Atlas Copco promises equipment longevity, with many of its air compressors still operating up to 30 years after they were installed, in spite of operating in harsh Australian mine conditions.

Its range of technologies deliver an efficient and compact solution, guiding mining companies towards a more sustainable future.

Atlas Copco business development manager for the mining sector Tony Dias says the variable speed drive (VSD) technology developed by the company provides these industry-leading benefits.

As a pioneer of VSD technology, Atlas Copco ensures mining companies have the air they require when they need it, while helping them manage exactly how much energy they use.

Dias believes Atlas Copco offers a complete range of technologies, including oil free and oil injected designs.

“Our full range of air treatment products include our energy efficient refrigerant, desiccant and drum type dryers with filtration,” Dias tells Australian Mining.

“Our compressed air equipment is used in a wide range of applications, be it in underground or plant applications.”

Atlas Copco also offers energy recovery systems, allowing customers to re-use heat generated by the compressors.

For example, the company can re-use the compressor heat for its customers’ hot water requirements, thereby saving energy and reducing carbon footprint.

The efficiency of Atlas Copco’s compressors decrease the average lifecycle costs of the compressor, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

“For low pressure applications Atlas Copco selects either lobe, rotary screw, multistage, and or centrifugal technologies, based on which is the most efficient low-pressure solution for the customer’s operation,” Dias explains.

“Proper aeration is vital to maximise mineral recovery in leaching and flotation cell processes and Atlas Copco’s low-pressure, energy efficient blowers and compressors deliver a steady supply of high-quality,

oil-free air.

“This way, we reduce the carbon footprint to reduce global warming, helping to make our world more sustainable,” Dias says.

Atlas Copco’s high-pressure division has a compressor for every application, including methane, natural gas, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and process air compression.

For control and monitoring, Atlas Copco’s Optimiser 4.0 central controller provides a smarter compressed air system package.

The Optimiser 4.0 controller gathers data, stores and analyses information that can be stored in the cloud to be used to further improve existing processes and systems.

Atlas Copco develops its solutions in house, such as its IP66, oil cooled permanent magnet motor and drive train for the company’s newly designed GA90 to 160 oil injected rotary screw range which is ideal for harsh mining environments.

The technologies are developed with the most efficient compression elements to make sure each product is sustainable, compact and reliable, while requiring less service time than other compressors on the market.

Beyond providing these solutions, Atlas Copco’s customer service includes free air management surveys to remove the guesswork of calculating compressed air usage over a typical seven-day period.

Atlas Copco compiles this information into an informative report, outlining compressed air demand for a clear understanding of actual energy usage, and providing guidance on choosing the right products to counter energy issues on site.

With an extensive service support team based across 12 offices in major cities, regional centres and key mining and drilling regions, the company offers localised service and repairs for its entire equipment range.

Atlas Copco’s local engineers also customise compressors or containers so they are fully compliant with mining specifications and cost less to install on remote sites.

“The mining industry is 24/7, which is why Atlas Copco’s services are also available 24/7,” Dias says. “These services include genuine parts, lubricants, preventative services, optimisation and connectivity solutions.

“We cooperate with our mining clients to create a unique solution that is developed as per the client’s needs.

“At Atlas Copco, we are committed to sustainable productivity by our responsibilities to our customers, towards the environment and the people around us.”

This feature also appears in the December edition of Australian Mining.

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