Atlas CEA conquers a power conundrum

Atlas CEA

Reliable power generation is imperative to maintaining uptime.

The QAC 1450 TwinPower means the mining industry now has an inspired new power solution at its disposal: two generators in one.

A trusted distributor of world-renowned manufacturer Atlas Copco, Atlas CEA has been supporting the Australian mining sector for decades.

Atlas CEA has overseen constant advancements in industrial productivity solutions over the years, but not many innovations compare to Atlas Copco’s new QAC 1450 TwinPower generator.

As Atlas CEA New South Wales branch manager Greg Conrad puts it, the QAC 1450 TwinPower is a beast.

“You get a powerhouse in a 20-foot container,” he told Australian Mining.

“You get two generators in one and it allows you to manage power delivery to your site better than you can from a single large generator.”

The dual generators give the customer more flexibility to provide optimal power at the right time, and more efficiently.

“Not everyone has a perfect load for a generator, so what we’ve done is design this unit to better benefit the customer and their site-specific needs,” Conrad said.

“In that, you can start the day with high loads and then as the day goes on, or as loads vary, the generator can transition from acting as one big generator operating at 1450 kilovolt-ampere (kVA) to a single generator operating at 725 kVA with reduced risk of damaging the engine due to low loading.”

In a mining setting, where operations often run 24–7 and maintaining uptime is critical, reliable power generation is imperative.

“Because you’re running two generators, you have less wear and tear and less fuel consumption,” Conrad said. “Maintenance costs are significantly reduced because you’re changing oil and coolant filters for two smaller generators instead of one big one.

“A customer that we recently sold the unit to starts the unit up in the morning with two engines handling the full load, but when the load drops, one engine automatically turns off and goes into standby until required.

“The cost savings from this are astronomical.

“As you can imagine, the equipment pays for itself pretty quickly if it’s used for that reason.”

The QAC 1450 TwinPower packs two generators in one.


If an operator wants to maximise their power even further, the QAC 1450 can also be connected to extra generators in parallel. Additionally, the unit can run as a single 1450 kVA generator connected to as single switchboard or run as two completely separate 725 kVA generators, each providing power to separate loads and operating independently.

The QAC 1450 is versatile in operation but also provides greater flexibility through its comprehensive but user-friendly control system.

“The control system is full of options that allow you to tailor the generator operation to your site needs,” Conrad said.

“The generator does what you want it to do; you’re not confined to the limitations of a single, big generator delivering full power all day long.

“So you can run it at full capacity or you can run it at half capacity. One of the nice features built for critical sites is that you can also program it for redundancy so one generator acts as the prime unit while the other one stays on standby.”

Conrad said the QAC 1450’s control system caters for many other power-management requests, including base loading or peak lopping, which is another example of its flexibility to meet various customer needs.

To support the QAC 1450, Atlas CEA has a comprehensive service team across its branches in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, with technicians at the ready for servicing or if a customer runs into any difficulties. And the company’s service capability doesn’t stop there.

“We also have dealers throughout Australia to help support the extensive range of equipment operating across the country, and some of the maintenance can be done by your local or site mechanic if the requirement arises” Conrad said.

“We have local parts distribution as well as our National Distribution Centre in Sydney supplying parts throughout Australia.

“Then we also have Atlas Copco for support as well. They’ve been around for over 170 years specialising in construction and mining equipment.

“So we have a pretty high presence of service, parts, and technical support throughout Australia.”

Through the QAC 1450 TwinPower, Atlas CEA has innovated an inspired new way of combatting power concerns on mine sites.

Operators can do away with fears of low-loading, excessive servicing and high fuel consumption and now have the capacity to better manage their power usage across the working day.

It’s about flexibility, and the QAC 1450 TwinPower has that in spades. 

This feature appeared in the April issue of Australian Mining.

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