An evolving partnership for an evolving industry

Drivetrain is capable of delivering end-to-end powertrain solutions.

A 20-year partnership between Drivetrain Australia and supplier Dana Spicer is cherished by both companies for how it blends high quality components with proven services and expertise.

Australia’s mining landscape is home to a number of unique, albeit harsh conditions.

From the arid environment that blankets part of the country, to the barren locations of mine sites, reliability is at the forefront of every operation.

Each mine is presented with its own set of challenges requiring careful planning to ensure that optimum levels of reliability, productivity and safety are achieved.

Reducing downtime and having the best configuration for the specific needs of a mining operation are pivotal in boosting the trajectory of a mine.

Often it is the difference between high quality and low quality equipment that determines this.

Uptime reaps rewards in these scenarios, and a machine that is not up to standard could be the deciding factor between making or breaking an operation.

It is never a good idea to ‘go the cheap and cheerful option’ on mining componentry due to the risks of breakdowns, which can cause a flow-on effect through increased downtime and reduced productivity.

In particular, the drivetrain of a mining vehicle must be up to a design standard to withstand the rocky and unforgiving terrain of Australia’s mining operations.

Drivetrain Australia recognises this and has committed itself to delivering high quality purpose original equipment (OE) designed powertrain components.

The company offers powertrain design and application engineering, spare parts, maintenance and repair, and overhaul services to the sector from locations across Australia.

Drivetrain’s proven expertise in powertrains is prevalent across Australia.

As specialists in end-to-end powertrain solutions for a vast array of mining applications, including underground operations, Drivetrain collaborates with leading powertrain brands to deliver state-of-the-art powertrain solutions.

Among its extensive list of collaborators is Dana Spicer, which offers powertrain systems based on proven reliability and productivity.

“Working with a company like Dana and supplying products from a company like Dana, you know you’re getting the highest quality built for purpose ,” Drivetrain Australia general manager sales & supply chain Mark Griffith says.

“They have the engineering, the hours in the field to back those claims, and the innovation to keep bringing out products that are going to be fit for purpose.”

Drivetrain provides innovative and bespoke solutions for mining vehicles, including mine trucks, load and haul dumpers, blast hole drills and scoops, using Dana’s transmissions, axles and driveshafts.

The Dana Spicer range of drivetrain systems is tested in Australia by Drivetrain to ensure they meet all levels of improved traction, positioning, braking, reliability and productivity.

By offering this package, Dana Spicer powertrain components purchased through Drivetrain are bolstered by the latter’s aftersales support.

Drivetrain Australia is structured to provide fast and accessible services for the products it supplies due to a foothold across Australia’s jurisdictions, eliminating the burden of waiting weeks to maintain mining machines or keeping them up and running.

Dana Australia managing director Nick Stavrakis says downtime can be a costly surprise for a mining operation.

“The DNA of the mining industry is to keep machines working, moving product day and night 24/7. The use of inferior parts is significant when failure occurs unexpectedly; one day downtime could be $200,000 worth of revenue so that ability to be agile and responsive is one of their key competitive advantages by using Drivetrain Australia,” Stavrakis says.

“They are the only service dealer in the market place that has the parts and breadth of expertise to meet the mining industry’s expectations – that’s why we’re partners.

“The symbiotic relationship between Drivetrain and Dana is the key for delivering the cost benefits to customers. They help us improve our product.”

This doubles down on decreasing the downtime or maintenance of a mining operation’s machines by first supplying reliable proven parts from trusted vendors such as Dana, before then backing them once installed with a dedicated maintenance and services team at Drivetrain.

“As conditions and technology change so does investing in training, Dana’s always going to be at the forefront of that. For those reasons, they’re an easy partner to work with,” Griffith says.

“For Drivetrain, we see ourselves as the vehicle to bring together genuine parts to a genuine industry, it’s a service we are extremely proud of.”

This article also appears in the December issue of Australian Mining.

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