AMCAP Midlife Service Kits benefit Roy Hill

AMCAP’s Midlife Kits are a ‘jewel in the crown’ for the company.

Roy Hill has used AMCAP Industrial’s Dump Truck Midlife Service kit to deliver safer ways to conduct business, while also improving workplace productivity and reducing costs.

AMCAP has partnered with iron ore major Roy Hill to develop a custom solution that leverages its unique distribution model for midlife service kits to improve how parts are delivered for major assets. 

Servicing the company’s fleet, the midlife service comprises 17 individual job lots to change out over 250 individual components, including injectors, turbos, steering cylinders and all the widgets in-between. 

The large fleet of dump trucks were a highly desirable asset class to target for optimised parts delivery as the age of the fleet has been hitting their hours on major component change-outs in their lifecycle.

With AMCAP supplying all required materials in one purchasable product number, Roy Hill improved productivity through the reduction of purchasing individual materials for the midlife service.

“This translated into a reduction in receipting throughput, fewer system transactions for our warehouse operators and improvements to the quality of parts delivery to the maintainer through the secure custom designed container, identifiable shelves, draws and hose racks, which made managing parts during the mid-life service a smother operation for the maintainer,” the company states.

AMCAP has supplied service kits to Roy Hill for the past two-and-a-half years, supplying around 300 kits per month. It is now one of several large iron ore companies that AMCAP partners with.

Roy Hill’s overall model is to identify and deliver products and services that minimise downtime of mining assets by working closer with maintenance strategy teams.

AMCAP’s competitive component prices have also allowed it to establish a buyback delivery model, which has provided the iron ore company with a credit for unused parts retuned in the service kit. 

As a result of this initiative, it offers a more cost-effective purchasing strategy solution than if it purchased parts through conventional means. 

“For a cost-driven business such as ours, these types of initiatives are enormously valued,” the company states. 

AMCAP’s Midlife Kits are a ‘jewel in the crown’ of the company’s parts distribution model, offering a number of benefits, including a unique material number instead of potentially 50-100 material numbers being ordered individually.

The company also provides logistical cost savings through handling and transport of a single line item, as well as the accuracy of having all parts consolidated within the kit. The kits are packaged appropriately in bespoke cabinets and containers, ensuring they are securely delivered on site.

The kits can hold between 300-500 line item parts, with a total volume of up to 1400 line items as a total package.

The kits can hold between
300-500 line item parts.


Each kit is individually itemised per operation, and all parts within the kit are broken down to support individual operations.

With the cabinets designed to be compact and positioned on the platform, it provides technicians with access to all parts and components, reducing personal risk of injury. 

Safety at Roy Hill’s site has also improved during parts of transportation and material handling because of AMCAP’s kit.

“These all-in-one service kits circumvent problems arising from large individual delivery volumes of components that are less organised across numerous pallets causing movements in transportation or employee mishandling,” the company states.

“The kit meticulously layers each operation systematically into individually labelled draws, racks and containers within the standardised modular TEU housing.

“This enables a neat and secure arrangement of parts, which saves the headache that every maintainer knows when it comes to organising parts for their major jobs into operations.” 

As AMCAP delivers these parts strapped down with custom-designed handles and cable ties for safer handling of individual components, the maintainer’s ability to safely handle each item has dramatically improved.

AMCAP business development manager Barry Neale says by partnering with Roy Hill the company has further researched and developed its kitting services. 

This framework has provided an opportunity to utilise different parts sourcing options of OEM and non-OEM products to optimise the cost of the finish product to the customer, while still retaining comparable quality.

“A true market leader in the industry and sets the bar on what specialised kitting services can achieve, which sets them apart when choosing suppliers,” Roy Hill states.

Neale reinforces that the relationship with Roy Hill will reap benefits for AMCAP as it goes from strength to strength. 

“The learnings from this exercise and some of our engagement with large miners in Western Australia has placed AMCAP in a very favourable position to deploy some of these technologies and learnings across the board,” Neale says.  

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