Altra offers power transmission service solutions

Australian Mining catches up with Altra Motion Australia to find out about the company’s service capabilities for the mining industry.

Altra Motion Australia is best known in the mining industry as a manufacturer of power transmission and motion control products.

The company’s 27 brands of couplings, clutches and brakes include names such as Stieber, Marland and Svendborg. But, in addition to the extensive product portfolio, the company has also built a strong service division over the years to further support customers’ needs.

Altra Motion Australia service manager Bernard Trevenar says the service division has been growing rapidly since first being established in 2012.

“Our division provides services to mining clients, both on site and off site from our workshops in New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland. From installation and commissioning of new equipment to planned preventative maintenance and overhaul of different products, our technical staff can assist customers 24/7,” Trevenar tells Australian Mining.

“Altra Motion service division is extensively trained overseas and developed with broad experience in installation, commissioning, regular servicing, site audits, troubleshooting and refurbishments. Being able to deal directly with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) enables our customers to gain up-to-date technical information to best support them.”

National sales manager Rex Sinclair says the service division complements Altra Motion Australia’s sales activities, providing customers with not only a product, but a complete service package for the life of the product.

“After our sales team sells the equipment to a mine, our service division can go in to help with the commissioning and ongoing maintenance. Similarly, when the service technicians visit any mine site to carry out plant maintenance, they assess and report back to the client if their equipment needs to be upgraded to maximise productivity,” Sinclair explains.

An example of this collaboration was demonstrated recently when the service division team commissioned smart braking systems and backstops for an underground mine.

“As we went in to set up the braking system for the client, we identified the need to customise the solution so that it would operate well with all of the other equipment in the plant,” Trevenar says.

“We were able to cater to the client’s requirements. We then established a six-monthly service contract to provide ongoing servicing of the braking system.”

Preventive maintenance is an area where the Altra Motion Australia service team actively operates, with services such as scheduled oil replacement and filter changes for hydraulic power units.

More recently, Trevenar says the team has ventured into remote condition monitoring for brake systems, currently offering the service to a major Western Australian mine.

“We are currently in the process of implementing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for a mining company in Western Australia to help them predict maintenance requirements for their brake system. Once set up, we can alert the customer if there is any abnormal behaviour in the brakes to help them plan for the next shutdown,” Trevenar says.

“Our OEM brands such as Marland and Svendborg are all currently working on embedding IoT and condition monitoring on their products. This is driven by the feedback we receive from our customers here in Australia and relaying that back to the factory to adjust our solutions to the customers’ requirements. It’s definitely an area where we see ourselves growing rapidly in the coming years.”

When it comes to mining services, Trevenar is a believer in long-term customer relationships and holistic solutions.

“Building long-term relationships with our customers is a key strength of our team and something we take great pride in. We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers. And, with our equipment on their site, the performance of the equipment is a massive reflection on us,” Trevenar says.

“Our technical staff has broad experience, not just across our own brands of couplings, clutches and brakes, but also with a wide range of other products on the market. With our combined expertise, we can support our products from the initial purchase and throughout the entire product lifecycle.”

This feature also appears in the November edition of Australian Mining.

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