AIMEX: What’s on show

The countdown to AIMEX 2013 has kicked off with key speakers and exhibitor lists already announced ahead of the event.

AIMEX is the Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition; it’s a four day event that kicks off on August 20, 2013.

It’s a gathering of key mining players, with over 600 companies showcasing the latest technologies and innovations.

At a time when mining companies are cutting costs, discovering how productivity can be improved onsite is more important than ever.

But it’s more than just another exhibition; this year AIMEX will cover key issues of women in mining, mine site safety and new ways to increase industry productivity.

With industry rockstars such as the Australian Coal Association’s chief executive Nikki Williams, and Beaconsfield mine tragedy survivor Brant Webb booked to address the delegation its set to be a key date on the industry’s calendar.

“They draw a great deal of visitor interest, and provide numerous networking and discussion opportunities,” Exhibition Director Paul Baker said.

The AIMEX 2013 Women in Mining Day will take place on Wednesday August 21, the Mining Safety Day will be on Thursday August 22, and the Industry Productivity Day will be on Friday August 23.

“Across these three days, we will be providing information and knowledge-sharing opportunities covering some of the major issues and challenges facing the industry,” Baker said.

“Increasing female participation in mining is a key issue for both the industry and governments; safety is a major on-going concern for the mining sector, and on-going productivity improvements are essential for its ongoing success.”


Below is a brief of who is at the show, and what they'll be highlighting at the exhibition. Just click to find out more.

Diplomat: Hand protection highlights

Diplomat Blades will exhibit its newest protective glove, which is designed to offer cut and impact protection while preventing overheating, on Stand 8014.

Cooper Split Bearing and Kaydon Bearings: Split bearings for mining applications

Cooper Split Bearings and Kaydon Bearings will debut an increased range of new specialist bearings for mining applications on Stand 2005.

Aerison: Idler change outs

Aerison will demonstrate technology designed to easily and safely change an idler frame and roller on an operating conveyor on Stand 6407.

Bisalloy: High hardness steel

Bisalloy Steels will unveil what it describes as the hardest quenched and tempered steel made in Australia on Stand 4225.

Blygold Oceania: HVAC anti-corrosion

Blygold Oceania will feature anti-corrosion products designed to double the lifespan of HVAC coils and machinery radiators on Stand S110.

Flexco: New belts and rollers launched

Flexco will showcase a wide range of new conveyor belt technology, launching new products on Stand 3116.

Hummingbird Electronics: Tilt switches

Hummingbird Electronics will release new vibration-immune tilt switches for mobile machinery on Stand SL405.

Immersive Technologies: Mine training simulators

Immersive Technologies will display what it describes as the world’s first complete mine operator training system on Stand 3120.

DT Australia: Dump truck bodies

DT Australia will promote the curved-style Hercules dump truck bodies on Stand H1006.

ITT Blakers: Heavy duty mining pumps

ITT Blakers will launch the award-winning new Goulds XHD mining pump on Stand H1137.

APS Lighting & Safety: LED Work Lighting

APS Lighting & Safety will unveil new LED work lighting products on Stand 3005.

The Bullion Group: Web based business management

The Bullion Group will release a web-based software system designed to help small to medium businesses manage their people, plant, processes and procedures on Stand H1055.

Bramco Electronics: Next gen electronics

Bramco Electronics will highlight its b3 range of electronic products for the mining industry on Stand 7405.

Branach Manufacturing: Mining safety ladders

Branach Manufacturing will exhibit the latest developments in its safety step platforms and single ladders for hazardous, caustic and corrosive mining applications on Stand H1097

DTE Group: Self bunded storage tanks

DTE Group will put the spotlight on its Australian designed and manufactured self-bunded double-wall fluid storage wraptanks on Stand B1036.

DuPont: personal protection equipment

DuPont will focus on an expanded range of product and service offerings for the mining industry on Stand B1008

Filter Technology Australia: Mobile filtration units

Filter Technology Australia will feature fixed and mobile filtration units and systems with patented technology designed to remove particulate contamination down to 2 microns on Stand 0122.

Fluid Transfer Management: Fluid transfer technology

Fluid Transfer Management will promote effective fluid delivery, sampling, measuring, filtration and decontamination on Stand 0122.

Gates Australia: Hoses and crimping machines

Gates Australia will unveil both a new 413 bar high-pressure 2-inch hose with a one-piece, non-skive coupling and a new 2-inch crimping machine on Stand H1088.

Hard Metal Industries: Wear protection and GET

Hard Metal Industries will showcase technology for wear protection on ground-engaging equipment and continuous mining machines on Stand 6805.

Hawe Hydraulics Australia: Hydraulics and valves

Hawe Hydraulics Australia will showcase an extensive range of valves for mining, industrial and lubrication applications on Stand S108.

Hydraulic Controls: Logic blocks and valves

Hydraulic Controls will show its newest manually operated roof bolter and rib bolter logic blocks, Trouble Shooting Kits, hydraulic integrated circuits and a stainless-steel water valve for mining applications on Stand H1103.

Klausen: Wear coatings and grinding media

Klausen will promote products from Jyoti Ceramic Industries and WAB milling and mixing equipment on Stand B1073.

Larzep Australia: Heavy vehicle jacks

Larzep Australia will showcase five heavy-tonnage air hydraulic mobile jacks on Stand 1305.

Loadrite: Onboard weighing systems

Loadrite will show a new onboard weighing system for large mining excavators and shovels, on Stand S150.

International Magnetic Solutions: Magnetic technology

International Magnetic Solutions will showcase innovative magnetic technology for mining and industrial applications on Stand H1026.

Mineral Engineering Technical Services: Mining service and training courses

Mineral Engineering Technical Services (METS) will feature an expanded range of engineering services and training courses for the mining and oil and gas industries on Stand B1057.

Minprovise: New conveyor rollers and idlers launched

Minprovise will introduce a new range of conveyor rollers and idlers on Stand H1126.

NORD Drive systems: Compact industrial gear units

NORD Drivesystems will spotlight its newest range of compact NORD Industrial Gear Units (IGU) on Stand 1711.

Redstar Equipment: Generators and power distribution

Redstar Equipment will showcase a new Australian-designed Sumo Jumbo electrical distribution board on Stand B1074.

SEW Eurodrive: Gears and drive units

SEW Eurodrive will highlight the entire X series range on its stand, in a choice of 23 sizes with torque ratings ranging from 58 to 475 kNm. It will be showing its motors and gears on stand 1311.

Simple Green: Industrial cleaners and degreasers

Simple Green will showcase its recently released mine site cleaner and degreaser Simple Green Mine Clean on Stand H1025.

ARA Group: Fire protection

ARA Group will focus on what it describes as unmatched fire safety technology for fire prevention on Stand 5716 at AIMEX.

Magaldi Power: Fully enclosed conveyor belts

Magaldi Power will feature an enclosed conveyor belt designed to handle high temperature toxic and/or dusty materials on Stand H1066.

MEI: No weld piping systems

MEI will feature their No Weld SS316, press-fit piping system for small bore service piping such as compressed air, water and chemicals on Stand H1041.


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