AIMEX Preview:Mine ventilation and cooling

ActronAir is Australia’s largest locally owned air conditioning manufacturer, with offices and dealers providing national coverage. With over 30 years of experience in designing and building products to suit Australia’s unique climate.

ActronAir are proud of our long association with the mining industry, and will have information about a number of their products on their stand, including PMD, which was originally developed to a meet a Woodside brief.

The PMD product range has mining in its DNA. Because it was designed specifically for use in mining environments, the PMD guarantees continuous operation at 52°C while delivering great flexibility courtesy of such features as multiple air handings and a random start timer. It is also an energy efficient unit due to its digital compressor and EC Evaporator Fan motor.

Actron’s Tri-Capacity will also be on show.

Designed specifically for medium to large commercial applications, Tri-Capacity technology is up to 44% more efficient than minimum BCA compliant technology.

Tri-Capacity systems have been engineered with the installer and building owner in mind, with built in features such as isolation switches and programmable airflow, as well as flexible handing options.

Its Hercules range, which is the most advanced range of variable capacity, reverse cycle packaged units ever engineered in Australia, will be a focus. Ranging in size from 140kw-196kw, Hercules is up to 50% more efficient than minimum BCA compliant systems, and has an IEER of 5.45%. In fact, Hercules is so energy efficient that independent side-by-side field testing projected annual energy savings of 45-55% when compared to 2 stage fixed speed technology.

However, Hercules provides much more than just energy efficiency – its flexibility means Hercules can be applied to solve a wide range of business challenges. In fact, Hercules is so flexible that for a recent coal mining project it was modified to meet the rigorous standards and challenging climate involved in conditioning the electrical room that powered the mine’s shaft ventilation fans.

Actron will also have  Aurora on the stand.

The Aurora wall split systems feature a sleek and modern design, with full DC Inverter technology delivering improved energy efficiency and reduced running costs.

Engineered to perform in extreme conditions, the Aurora series has a superior operating range that allows for cooling up to 50°C and heating down to -15°C.

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