AIMEX Preview: Intrinsically safe equipment

Roobuck will demonstrate a range of intrinsically safe underground mining equipment during AIMEX.

Roobuck are an industrial supplier who develop, manufacture, certify, import and market products suited to mining, explosive, LED and safety industrial applications.

Managed under ISO9001 and ISO/IEC80079-34 Quality Management Systems, Roobuck can develop and manufacture I.S, flameproof and encapsulating Ex equipment, which are suited to underground coal mining and petrochemical industries.

Roobuck’s innovative and dynamic Research & Development team are constantly developing Ex compliant LED products, mining products and PPE products, with strong partnerships and support from AusIndustry, Austrade and international cooperation.

Their key products include:

  • The intrinsically safe cordless cap lamp series is the Australia's first one-of-a-kind system, and includes ten models for both Group I for underground coal mines and Group II for the petrochemical industry;
  • Flameproof underground vehicle headlights that are specifically developed for underground coal mine applications by utilising a brass enclosure and LED lights, and are certified for Group I, IIC and IIIC;
  • An ELV tunnel lighting system includes several LED tunnel lights with junction boxes powered from a 240-36V transformer, with a low-voltage, IP67 that rebuts structure make it completely safe for underground coal mines;
  • Hi-Vis safety vests that have LEDs on top of a normal passive reflective hi-vis safety vests to enhance safe highlight a person's presence, making them clearly visible and safe at all times. Three products series are available for Australia, Europe and America based on high visibility standards. Intrinsically safe models are available with IECEx certificate and antistatic reports;
  • Roobuck’s caplamp brocket permits the cap lamp headpiece to be moved up or down so the light beam direction can be changed will also be on show; and
  • Its helmet beacons are IECEx certified intrinsically safe LED mini beacons attached to the helmet. They are very light weight, and powered by a coin battery.

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