Aggreko installs one of world’s largest renewable microgrids

Aggreko has partnered with Gold Fields to provide supplementary diesel power generation at the Granny Smith mine in Western Australia.

Since then the partnership has evolved and Aggreko has continued to work alongside Gold Fields to reduce carbon emissions, lower the cost of energy and maximise efficiency at the site.

In 2016, Aggreko won the tender to provide a 22 megawatt gas power station for the next 10 years at the site.

Soon after, in a bid to further support Gold Fields reach their carbon emission targets, we began the journey to introduce renewables into the energy mix without compromising power reliability.

In 2020, Aggreko completed the integration of 7.7 megawatt peak of solar power and two megawatt / one megawatt hour battery storage with the existing gas supply (expanded to 27 megawatt) to create one of the world’s largest renewable microgrids.

The unique energy package combines solar, thermal and battery storage that’s seamlessly integrated and managed by our powerful software platform – guaranteeing full system availability and optimising their existing thermal assets life.

To find out more, watch the video below:

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