AEI powers full suite of vehicle safety kits into mining

Keeping personnel safe and protected is an essential part of a productive and efficient mine site. Auto Electrical Imports now offers a complete package of mine safety compliance equipment for heavy and light vehicles.

With more than 30 years of experience in electrical equipment, Auto Electrical Imports (AEI) has become well-known within the industry for designing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality lighting, switching and control systems.

Headquartered in Queensland, AEI covers all facets of electrical, lighting and safety solutions for the automotive, mining, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), transport and construction industries.

The company has also developed a reputation for providing quality products backed by unmatched customer service, providing in-house expertise and a broad range of mining and safety products for its clients.

Offering a number product ranges, including Ionnic Emergency lighting, Nordic work lamps, Brigade reversing systems and alarms as well as vehicle-specific battery lockout kits and switch kits, AEI treats each mining operation differently, with many sites requiring bespoke solutions.

The company understands the industry needs to be proactive to see growth and success. It is committed to designing and manufacturing products that are specifically tailored to a customer’s requirements.

AEI managing director Norman Haupt tells Australian Mining that AEI’s focus on the customer has helped push the envelope to innovate.

“We work closely with industry in order to stay up to date with the ever-changing challenges and needs faced daily on mine sites. In conjunction with our years of experience, it allows us to develop and bring to market products and solutions that are designed specifically to meet the needs of the Australian market,” Haupt says.

With customer interaction serving as a backbone to AEI’s innovation, the company has responded to several requests to offer a full suite of mine safety compliant equipment for heavy and light vehicles.

AEI now supplies a complete range of mine site safety compliance products and accessories for these vehicles, enabling customers to purchase all their mine safety equipment through a single supplier.

Among the several benefits to this opportunity for customers is the extension of AEI’s expertise in safety and electrical equipment into a new range of vehicle safety accessories.

AEI has introduced products to kit out heavy service and support vehicles. Solutions include safety flags, GME radio systems, first aid kits, reflective warning triangles, wheel chocks and fire extinguishers.

These products add to AEI’s extensive product range, preventing the need for users to buy electrical and mine safety compliant equipment elsewhere. All are designed to ensure vehicle compliance on a mine site and aid in preventing dangers related to personnel or equipment.

Haupt explains the key reason customer demand for mine safety compliant gear has increased as compliance regulations are changed.

“With over 30 years’ experience in providing auto electrical safety equipment to the mining industry, we know how important quality and reliability is,” he says.

“As mine site safety and compliance regulations have evolved, we have continued to be proactive in sourcing and manufacturing products to help support these requirements. Our ongoing focus has always been on providing products and systems that can be relied upon to keep people safe.”

With the addition of mine safety compliant equipment, AEI can now offer its clients much more than an electrical, lighting and safety solutions

This article will appear in the December issue of Australian Mining.

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