A Reel Good Investment

With in-house design and local manufacture, companies Reel Tech and Spray Nozzle Engineering lead the fluid mechanics industry with engineered products developed for mining. Australian Mining reports.

As leaders in hose reel, spray nozzle and fluid conveying technology, Reel Tech and Spray Nozzle Engineering carry an extensive range that includes galvanised safety reels, stainless steel reels, dust control nozzles, washing spray nozzles, pipe connector systems, wash pad water cannons, high volume foam applications and tank cleaning.

Reel Tech

The Reel Tech division offers world-renowned quality spring reels suitable for the mining industry through exclusive partner Hannay, as well as its own patented innovations including; Ezi-Deploy auto declutching systems; the Safe-R Reel spring reel speed control; Reel-In-Control long range hose reel remote control; FlatWinder automatic hose layering systems; and the Pit Bull and Fire Dog range of direct drive reels.

“The Reel-In-Control is the first remote control rewind system that allows for single person hose reel control, meaning that the operator does not have to walk all the way back to the reel to push a button,” explained Stuart Morgan, director of Reel Tech.

“They do not have to leave the work zone to rewind the reel, vital for such applications as refuelling and chemical deployment. When added to Reel Tech’s patented FlatWinder system that automatically layers the hose on the Reel, there is no reason for the operator to have to walk back to the reel at all during the operation,” said Morgan.

PitBull reels can also be integrated with the Ezi-Deploy declutching gearbox system, an easy-on accessory for all PitBull direct drive reels that allows for easy deployment with the lowest resistance, minimising operator strain injuries and reducing excessive force that can prematurely damage equipment.

Ezi-Deploy is a low maintenance automatic declutching system that works simply by the operator pulling gently on the hose. Morgan explained that in addition to its ease of use, the system can minimise injuries and provide safety benefits as well.

“When initiated, an operator can simply pull out even the most difficult-to-deploy hose without any resistance,” he said. “Ezi-Deploy has reduced RSI and strain injury from pulling on locked or resistant reels in mining and fire service applications.”

With no levers, buttons or electronics required, operation is free from the usual hassles. Manufactured in Australia, the reels use patented quick-change technology, allowing for a quick switch of hoses from half-an-inch to two inches in diameter.

“We are proud of the fact that the reel is 100 per cent made in Australia, designed by a team of young, enthusiastic, mechanically minded people who have designed a product that has seen over 2000 sold,” said Morgan.

Spray Nozzle Engineering

Together with Reel Tech, Spray Nozzle Engineering offers hose reel systems for washdown and foamers hoses. A spraying solutions company with over 25 years of experience, it draws on a strong history of design, fabrication and the supply of engineered ASME spray lances and systems.

A wide range of clog-free spiral, flat spray and environmental control nozzles are only available directly from the company. Tank cleaning solutions employ rotary impingement technology that helps prevent clog, sludge and contaminants, decrease fuel-dispensing times and increase profits.

Time is money, after all, and with over 20,000 different spray nozzles and associated products available, Spray Nozzle Engineering can provide a quick product turnaround.

For all onland mining and offshore processing applications, Spray Nozzle Engineering covers a wide range with products tailored to meet the needs of numerous customers in the oil and gas industry. They also offer in-house services like CAD design, spray droplet analysis and engineering support.

Reel Tech has delivered numerous custom solutions from narrow reels for smaller space to fully automatic oversized reels. For Morgan, the company has only come this far thanks to its customers.

“We only exist because of our customers,” he said. “Our customers can rely on us, we have been in business for 30 years, and we stand by our product.

“Most of the new innovations you see on our reels today, is thanks to working closely and giving our customers what they need.”

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