A guide to gland packing selection and installation

It’s easy to disregard the importance of humble components such as gland packings in multi-million-dollar mining equipment. After all, these are among products that are truly cherished only when something goes wrong.

But as BSC Bundaberg branch manager Dale Jackson shares, gland packings can be critical for a mine.

“One of our customers, a major gold mine, had failed to order the gland packing for a gearbox replacement scheduled for the weekend. So, we had to act quickly to deliver the correct gland packing in the late hours of Friday to help them finish the maintenance over the weekend,” he says.

Seal Innovations, a BSC partner and part of Motion Industries group of businesses, cut the gland packing and delivered it to the mine, which helped avoid a potential $250,000 loss in unproductive downtime.

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