A culture reflected by accolades

Minprovise has earned two industry certifications that only nine other Australian companies hold, allowing the company to move onto larger and more complex resources industry projects.

Minprovise is one of 10 Australian companies that hold both the AS/NZS 5131 – Structural Steelwork – Fabrication and Erection and ISO 3834 – Comprehensive quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials certifications. As more people are encouraged to support Australian businesses, it’s important that local companies are backed by a positive workforce culture. The management process these accreditations require, foster accountability, transparency, quality and great pride in work accomplishment.

This extends to the mining sector, where trust and high-quality services can put certain companies, like Minprovise, ahead of the pack.

Minprovise general manager Tony Sutton acknowledges that these merits are derived from a set of company values that promotes a dedicated and trustworthy culture for the business.

“We are only as good as our people,” Sutton tells Australian Mining. “The accreditations certainly back this up.”

Serving as a products, engineering and services company for the mining, construction and oil and gas sectors in Australia, Minprovise aims to be respected as a premium provider of specialist maintenance and engineering solutions.

Founded in 2004, the company has since earned its stripes, with these two accreditations adding to their competitive arsenal.

They demonstrate that Minprovise has been successful in reducing risks while enhancing the quality of its services, allowing the company to expand its offerings into broader supply chains and industries.

Sutton explains that these certifications have enabled the company to reach Construction Category 3 (AS/NZS 5131) for more complex projects.

“Minprovise has been what I would call mining-centric from when it started, but this now allows us to do more work in the infrastructure and the construction space,” he says.

“It allows us to fabricate large structures, bridges and sign structures that go over freeways, so pretty much everything where there is potential for people involved if you look at it that way.”

The AS/NZS 5131 is the basis of the National Structural Steelwork Compliance Scheme and covers design, engineering fabrication, erection and corrosion control requirements for structural steelwork projects, which can open the door to larger scale mining projects.

It represents reduced compliance risks and prevents the possibility of project delays and costs associated with reworks.

ISO 3834 outlines the quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials, ensuring there are quality management systems for the fabrication, manufacturing, construction and maintenance of metals. It also adds to Minprovise’s ability to work on much larger projects.

Sutton says the certifications give Minprovise a competitive advantage as mining companies begin to buy local over international goods and services.

“The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many of Australia’s large mining companies talking about buying local,” he says.

“With us having AS/NZS 5131, Construction Category 3 and ISO 3834, it shows that we have a recognised culture of producing high quality products at a fair price.

“I believe that Minprovise is well positioned to support the Australian structural steel it needs for construction infrastructure and the mining projects.”

The company’s culture, from the ground up, has played a significant role in it successfully receiving both accreditations, Sutton continues.

Minprovise is striving to be recognised at the highest level for its services, starting with its culture, which involves ensuring everything is tried and tested to the highest standard.

“In October, Minprovise owner Graham Townsend walked onto the shop floor and the team were magnetic particle testing some handrails,” Sutton laughs. “That’s what you would call over the top for this particular job.”

The supervisor told Townsend, “We treat everything the same way. It sets the culture. It makes it easier all of the way through,” so Graham walked away smiling. “That’s our culture, that is who we are,” Sutton says.

“Our culture represents what is required by the ISO 3834 and AS/NZS 5131 certifications, which meant there weren’t many changes that had to be made to the day-to-day routine of the workforce. The auditors could quite clearly see this is what we do, it’s not done to receive a tick and put a certificate on the wall.”

As a local company, Sutton believes the new certifications will generate more business for Minprovise, which will in turn create more jobs in Australia.

“Our expectation is to focus on projects in Australia. There’s a lot of expansion going on so if we were to start looking at overseas then we’re not doing the right service for the Australian economy,” Sutton concludes.

This feature also appears in the February edition of Australian Mining.

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