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DM Breaker deploys MB and Remu buckets all across Australia.

Through its relationships and industry reputation, DM Breaker has become a mainstay for mining’s crushing and screening enterprises.

Trading since 1997, DM Breaker Equipment has earned a reputation as a trusted supplier for a variety of sectors, including mining, construction, farming and civil engineering.

The company originally supplied rockbreakers for industry use, but the business has grown since then, becoming the sole Australian distributor of the reputed DNB attachments range, while also branching out to distribute attachments from the likes of MB Crusher, Remu and Movax.

DM Breaker’s work with MB and Remu has seen it provide solutions for crushing and screening – two critical steps in the ore reduction process.

The partnerships have been about more than just supplying a part; DM Breaker has assisted mining companies and contractors to achieve critical ambitions in the field.

“Five years ago, DM Breaker took on the MB Crusher dealership for Western Australia and Northern Territory, seeing an opportunity to assist companies and contractors in the mining industry to not only save them costs, but also to reduce the impact on the environment made by mining and earthmoving,” DM Breaker managing director Marion Marriott says.

MB is at the forefront of research and technology in crushing and screening.

With more than 60 years’ experience in the field, MB is at the forefront of research and technology in crushing and screening.

Over the years, the company has developed buckets that reduce the environmental footprint of operators and contractors alike, enabling the recovery of materials in situ.

“MB emphasises increased productivity in mining applications, such as increased production in gravity plants, MRP (materials requirement planning) applications and on-site processing,” Marriott says.

“The crusher buckets have the capability to add more value to mining operations and already existing tools at the job site.”

It’s no question crusher buckets play a vital role in the mining industry, and Marriott suggests the by-products created from crushing and screening processes hold untapped potential that some mining operators or contractors might not be aware of.

“Crusher buckets are very evolutionary for the mining industry and can change the way miners work. They create more versatility in handling a job, such as working in limited access areas where only an excavator can move in or crushing material immediately to optimise space and load factors on site,” Marriott says.

“Often it is just a matter of changing perspective; not only understanding that crushing and screening waste is not really waste, but realising that it is actually a huge resource, still to be exploited.”

After securing its MB dealership, DM Breaker established a relationship with Finnish crushing and screening manufacturer Remu.

Today, DM Breaker supplies Remu’s screening buckets for mining companies and contractors, another attachment that has proved its worth environmentally.

“Remu Screening Buckets are an ideal recycling solution – a multifunctional tool for padding, mixing, separating and crushing. The Remu buckets are being used for recycling landfill, composting, padding pipelines, backfill for underground mining and drying out tailings,” Marriott says.

“Each rotor has a direct drive radial piston motor to divide the power of the bucket equally. Interchangeable sized rotors enable various sized products to suit the required needs.”

Crushing and screening by-products hold untapped potential.

Marriott says Remu and MB buckets are currently in operation across Australia, offering solutions for varying requirements.

The buckets are being used in the Tanami region of Northern Territory to dry out tailings, are working in nickel mines in the Goldfields region of Western Australia, processing gypsum in WA’s Mid West region, and completing remediation and utilising waste for road haul base in the Pilbara region of WA.

The current deployment showcases the versatility of the buckets, providing solutions for all manner of conditions and demands.

And such expansive commission couldn’t be made possible without the communication and collaboration between different parties in the supply chain.

DM Breaker believes cooperation is imperative in ensuring everyone is on the same page and that no work falls between the cracks.

The company is constantly engaged with Remu and MB at the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) level as the buckets are constantly finetuned to maintain their applicability in the field, while its exchange with contractors and mining companies is never stagnate.

And when DM Breaker isn’t maintaining liaison throughout the supply chain, the company is on the ground providing maintenance through its field service teams and dedicated workshops. A resolution is never far away.

A family-owned and operated institution, DM Breaker is underpinned by friendly and proficient customer support.

It’s a business built on approachability and accessibility – two traits never undervalued in the mining industry.

This feature appeared in the February issue of Australian Mining.

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