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thyssenkrupp’s wide range of mining industry offerings ensure world-class, German and Australian engineered design and performance, along with a complete portfolio of digital solutions and services.

At a mining operation, it’s always a goal to get the most ‘bang for your buck’.

This is particularly important when investing in high-cost machinery, which is vital to keep production flowing.

To maximise the productivity of an operation, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions offers a range of benefits to extract every bit of performance from a new purchase.

The components for its wide range of mining products, including crushers, stackers and bucket wheels are field tested to ensure they remain reliable and are of optimum quality for a long period of time.

And as the industry evolves, so does its solutions, with thyssenkrupp providing innovative digital mining products for both support and services.

“As these machines are multi-million-dollar purchases, there’s no room for a standby machine,” a thyssenkrupp spokesperson tells Australian Mining.

“thyssenkrupp offers confidence in asset performance, and integrity through our local engineers, service crews and spare parts. Our machines offer world-class design and performance, with digital solutions for support and services.”

With its headquarters in Germany, thyssenkrupp has support services across the world, including in Australia, to offer local support and delivery of its solutions.

“As our local team has intimate knowledge of the machines, we can easily assess the requirements, offer recommendations and provide parts onsite before a shutdown,” the thyssenkrupp spokesperson says.

“We have invested into building up our local engineering team, service centres and spare parts holdings to ensure top notch service and the ability to sustain our client’s need for competitive pricing.”

The company is constantly releasing innovative products to tackle all facets of a mining operation, including its newest designed stackers and reclaimers, which are the largest in the world.

Manufactured in Australia and designed for the country’s harsh conditions, these machines represent huge value with a capacity of 20,000 tonnes per hour.

“Manufacturing and preassembly took place in Henderson, Western Australia,” the spokesperson says.

“The design of the machines incorporates the latest Australian design standard requirements and technology improvements centred on safe construction, operation and maintenance activities.”

Another offering in the thyssenkrupp range is the KB 63-130 gyratory crusher, which is new to Australia this year. It features a state-of-the-art design with throughput of up to 14,000 tonnes per hour and a drive rating of 1500 kilowatts.

thyssenkrupp believes its mineral processing solutions benefit from efficiency, cost savings and planned maintenance.

“It boils down to operating cost and emissions,” the spokesperson says. “Our system is driven to operate at optimum operating point which is most efficient for power consumption, wear and crushability of material.

“When developing machines, we keep servicing in mind to ensure they are robust enough to satisfy clients’ service upgrades.”

For mining planning services, thyssenkrupp offers a range of semi-mobile and fully-mobile crushing plants, conveyor systems and spreading systems, with its planning team mapping out the fully life cycle mining process, ensuring the best value and lowest cost per tonne.

The company keeps competitive pricing in mind and ensures its machines live up to their value as a high-performance investment that also represents efficiency and reliability.

With a dedication toward pushing the boundary forward, thyssenkrupp’s automate and optimise portfolio offers a full suite of mining solutions.

This includes fully automated storage systems, remote-controlled ship unloaders, bucket wheel excavators, digital inventory management, and more.

“Our solutions are aimed at ensuring more control in clients’ production processes while reducing downtime, effectively allowing our client’s systems to be sustainably future-proof,” the spokesperson says.

The company has been developing automated stockyard machines in Australia for a number of years and has implemented laser and radar detection systems for stockyard management, as well as ore classification.

Among thyssenkrupp’s offerings is a digital conveyor belt twin, which uses digital twin technological to create a digital representation the physical installed belt conveyor to provide real-time feedback, increasing operational efficiency even when operators and maintenance personnel are not on site.

thyssenkrupp also offers continuous truck loading automation and transfer point alignment technologies to increase productivity using the latest in Industry 4.0 technologies.

Another area of automation the company is focussed on is digitalised monitoring and maintenance.

“Digitalisation is bringing specific benefits to the monitoring and maintenance of mining equipment,” the spokesperson says.

“We work to keep the machines working with high reliability and availability through tailored chutes, wear materials, liner profile designs and new technology further contributing to cost savings.”

This feature also appears in the October edition of Australian Mining.

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