$15000 gold skateboard and other items sold to the wealthy

Are you in the market for a 24K gold plated skateboard? One website has taken golden luxury to the extreme, with this and many more unique items for sale. But it’ll cost you.

With a price tag of over $US15000 the “Golden Skateboard” is targeted at those who want to ride in luxury and is billed as the world’s most expensive.

Fully functional, but weighing a hefty 4Kg, the 24K electroplate gold board is 78cms in length and 20cms wide.

But this isn’t the only day-to-day item that has had a golden makeover. 

The House of Solid Gold website, based in California, has a wide range of products that seem to prove that as long as rich people exist, the gold mining industry will continue to track nicely.

The site’s creator, Hugh Power, said he wanted to “bring the world something very unique and unusual”.

We think he has succeeded.

Here are the top seven gold items for sale as voted by the Australian Mining team:

24K Extreme Mountain Bike

This handcrafted, gold-plated bike was selling at a cool $US1 million a pop. We say selling, because only 13 bikes were made and they have all sold out.

Boasting 600 black diamonds and 500 gold sapphires “The Beverly Hills Edition,” also came with an alligator skin seat and a one-of-a-kind water bottle covered in gold.

The world’s most expensive reading glasses

The limited edition “CliC Gold Readers” are made of 18K solid gold and retail for $US75 000.

Each reader is handmade in the USA and come with a stringray carrying pouch.

“Nothing compares to the actual feeling you get when they are on your face,” Power said.

“That’s when they actually come to life and you can feel the substance of the gold. It’s an amazing feeling…they make you feel real good.”

24K gold drinking straws

Get your lips around this one: straws electroplated with 24K gold and “slightly larger in diameter” to cater for any type of “thick smoothie”.

Finished with a mirror polish, the 20cm stainless steel straws come with a black leather case and exclusive 3D floating display case.

Sold in sets of four the straws will set you back $US395.

Golf Tee

Your handicap would want a major boost after you purchase this $US1849 golf tee.

At a miniscule 52mm, the handcrafted, 18k solid gold tee has a “high luster” mirror finish and comes with a black leather holder and an exclusive floating display frame case.

Gold Shoelaces

Described as “outrageous” these pure hand woven 24K golden shoelaces will set you back $US14995.

They are known as “Mr Kennedy Golden Shoelaces” in a tribute to the inventor of modern shoelaces.

Using ancient artisan technique, the world’s most expensive shoelaces are manufactured in the middle of the Cauca gold belt, less than 16kms from where the gold was mined in Columbia.

24K Gold Vermeil Chopsticks

These chopsticks are made from 300 grams of silver and then electroplated with pure 24K gold.

Each stick can be unscrewed in the midsection for easy storage and travel.

The “extraordinary and extremely beautiful” chopsticks come with a custom black leather holder and 3D display case.

They retail for $US3995.

Gold Chess Set with Diamonds

This one-of-a-kind 18K gold and diamond “Royal Chess Set” will set you back $US370000.

It comes complete with 4874 fancy black and yellow-golden diamonds weighing 125.50 carats and 1.2 kilos of solid gold.

It took thirty master craftsmen 4500 hours to complete the chess set.


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